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Short Stay Visa

If you are not sure whether you require a visa to visit a particular Schengen country, please check with the Embassy or Consulate of that country.

The issue of Schengen visas is discretionary and depends on examination of each individual case, including purpose of visit and intended date of return.

A short stay Schengen visa is not appropriate if you wish to remain in a Schengen country for longer than 3 months or take up employment or establish a business, trade or profession.

If you have not visited the Schengen area previously, a visa is normally issued for one entry. Once you have made one visit in accordance with the visa granted you may apply for two or more entries provided you can arrange the documentation for these visits.

Please note that you must travel within 3 months from the date of issue of the visa.

Please note that holders of a Schengen visa are still subject to immigration control and are not guaranteed entry into any of the Schengen countries, even though they may hold a valid visa for these countries.