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Tourist Visa


Please study with the General instruction of the Embassy’s Website 

Tourist Visa is granted to a Thai National / Foreigner who does not have a residence or occupation in India and whose sole objective of visiting India is recreation, sight-seeing, casual visit to meet friends and relatives. No other activity is permissible on a Tourist Visa. The Tourist Visa is non – extendable and non-convertible.

All foreign nationals applying for visa in Bangkok are required to fill Reference Form along with the online visa Online Application. Please CLICK HERE to download form.

Non-Thai Applicants are requested to print the Reference Form, fill in the details (WITH BLACK INK ONLY, FILLED IN CAPITAL LETTERS), and submit the form along with the online visa Online Application.

For further details, please visit the Embassy’s website 

Tourist Visa on Arrival Scheme

A "Tourist Visa-on-Arrival (TVOA)" Scheme is available to International Travelers whose sole objective of visiting India is recreation , sight-seeing , casual visit to meet friends or relatives, short duration medical treatment or casual business visit.

A “Tourist Visa-on-Arrival (TVOA)” Scheme is available to tourists that are nationals of Australia, Brazil, Cambodia, Cook Islands, Djibouti, Fiji, Finland, Germany, Guyana, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Kenya, Kiribati, Laos, Luxembourg, Marshall Islands, Mauritius, Mexico, Micronesia, Myanmar, Nauru, New Zealand, Niue Island, Norway, Oman, Palau, Palestine, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Republic of Korea, Russia, Samoa, Singapore, Solomon Islands, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Tonga, Tuvalu, UAE, Ukraine, USA, Vanuatu, Vietnam.

ETV is valid for entry through 9 designated Airports i.e. Bengaluru, Chennai,Cochin, Delhi ,Goa, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai & Trivandrum. However, the foreigner can take exit from any of the authorized Immigration Check Posts (ICPs) in India.

For further details, please visit the e-Tourist Visa segment (ETV) in the Embassy’s website.

Visa Fees

The Embassy of India reserves the right to refuse visa without assigning reasons and without refund of fee.


Tourist Visa (including Thai nationals) Fees in Thai Baht
Upto 1 year 3200
Upto 5 year 6400
Single entry /urgent 6200
Multiple entry 9100
Multiple entry urgent 12300
Nigerian nationals 8000
Russia( all types of visa)
Single entry 1300
Double entry 2900
Multiple entry 3900
Transfer of valid visa 1300
Singapore nationals 1100
Sri Lanka
Tourist visa ( 30 days single/double entry) 700
Tourist visa ( 90 days single/double/multiple entry) 1100
Tourist visa ( 6 months double/multiple entry) 1100
UK nationals
Up to 1 yr single/multiple 5200
1 yr to 5 yrs (multiple) 15500
Ukrainenationals ( 6 months single/double/multiple) 3200
Up to 10 years (Single or Multiple Entry) 5200

Note for all categories other than Buddhist monks

  • Embassy Service charge Baht  100 per applicant is additionally applicable.
  • VFS service charge Baht 23.94 per applicant is additionally applicable
  • All Fees accepted in Cash only

Documents Required

Kindly print the check list which corresponds with the visa category you wish to apply for and attach it with your application. It must be filled in and signed. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Please check the Documents required as per what has been mentioned below:

Thai Nationals for tourist visa

Documents Required

  • Completed Visa Application Form
  • Passport validity required more than 6 month with at least 2 blank pages
  • Copy of previous Indian visa in case of a prior travel to India
  • 2 recent (not older than 3 months) colored photographs (2 inches X 2 inches) with white background ONLY.
  • 2 copies of Passport Bio page
  • Thai ID copy
  • Child under 15 years old must have these following documents for submission: Birth Certificate/House registration, Copy of parents Thai passport/Thai ID, Consent Letter from parents specifying details of travel (eg. travel dates, mode of travel, accompanying person)(if travelling with a guardian/School/Tour must attach documents of the guardian/school/Tour) )

Non-Thai Nationals for Tourist Visa:

Documents Required:

  • Completed Visa Application Form
  • 2 recent (not older than 3 months) colored photographs (2 inches X 2 inches) with white background ONLY.
  • Two Photocopies of passport bio page and current Thai visa page
  • Copy of previous Indian visa in case of a prior travel to India Copy of Work permit / Resident permit in Thailand
  • Passport validity required more than 6 month with at least 2 blank pages
  • Reference form.
  • Travel & Tour Itinerary
  • Copy of Return flight ticket ( In and Out of India)
  • Copy of Hotel Booking for minimum of 2 weeks
  • For Applicants that have their own house or going to stay with friends or relatives in India must write a letter of stay and provide an invitation letter from the host with their supporting documents (like passport copy or Indian identity card copy )
  • Minimum gap of two months is mandatory between two consecutive visits for nationals of Afghanistan, China, Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, foreigners of Bangladesh and Pakistan origin only.

*For Non – Thai Nationals the duration of the Visa is decided by the Indian Embassy as per case to case basis.*

Please note: Countries that must have a bank statement attached with the document are listed below:

Nigeria, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Russia, Armenia, Tajikistan, Belarus, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan

Photo Specifications

Photographs should be in colour and strictly as per the specifications below.

  • Un-mounted - 2 inch x 2 inch in size.
  • Face should cover about 70 to 80% of the photo area.
  • Frame Subject with Full Face, Front view, Eyes open
  • Taken within the last 3 months to reflect your current appearance.
  • The photographs must be clear, well defined and taken against a plain white background.
  • Appropriate brightness and contrast showing your skin tones naturally
  • Even lighting (no shadows across or behind the face)
  • Face must be square to the camera with a neutral expression, neither frowning nor smiling and with your mouth closed.
  • If you must wear a head covering for religious reasons, make sure your full facial features are not obscured.
  • Non-tinted prescription glasses are allowed as long as your eyes are clearly visible. Make sure that the frame does not cover any part of your eyes. Sunglasses are not acceptable.
  • Headphones, wireless hands-free devices, or similar items are not acceptable in your photo.
  • Photograph for Child/babies - The photograph should show the baby or child awake, looking straight at the camera with mouth closed and nothing covering the mouth. It should also show both edges of the face clearly (no toys, blankets, chair backs or other people visible) and no hair across the eyes.
  • PASTE FIRMLY one photograph in the RIGHT HAND SIDE TOP CORNER BOX & STAPLE another photograph at LEFT HAND SIDE TOP CORNER of the application form

Please Note: A photo service is available in all of our centres.

Processing Time

The Embassy of India and VFS cannot, in any circumstances, be held responsible for any applications which are not completed on time for your intended date of departure. Kindly note that obtaining a visa is not automatic; your application may be accepted, modified or refused by the Embassy of India and/or its consulate in its full right.

Each application is processed individually by the Embassy of India: as a result processing times may vary between applications that appear to be similar.

Minimum processing times

For Non-Thai nationals at a minimum visa is issued on the 6th working day.

#Some individual cases may require around 6-8 weeks time for processing.

The company VFS has no influence over the processing times of a visa application: these depend essentially on the Embassy of India. We are therefore not in a position to guarantee maximum processing times. We are only able to communicate minimum processing times, provided for information purposes only.

The mission/Consulate makes all possible efforts to process the visa applications within the stipulated timeframe yet this must not be construed as an obligation on the part of Mission/Consulate.

Download Form


  1. Use only Internet Explorer 8.0 (IE 8.0) & above (browser) for form filling (3 pages)
  2. Use Adobe Acrobat 11 software for viewing & printing application forms in .pdf (2 pages)
  3. Go to & complete the form
  4. Once form filling is completed, PRINT / DOWNLOAD application form.

Please check the application form as pre the instructions in the Embassy’s website.