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After Submission

If you have already applied for your visa through the Italy Visa Application Centres you can track the status of your application by clicking here and providing your unique Reference number (located at the top of the Receipt issued to you at the time you submitted your documents/ application in the Centre) and your Last Name.

The Visa Application Centre aims towards providing a complete professional assistance and experience to applicants in the process of applying for a visa. However, we do not have nor take any participation in visa decision. This is at the complete behest of the Consulate General of Italy.

The processing time for Schengen visas depends on each individual case. However, applicants should always apply several weeks before the intended journey.

If the case is considered uncomplicated, the processing time is 10 calendar days counting from the day the Consulate receives all the required documents (excluding the day of submission and return to VFS).This does not apply for the Family Reunion Visa which will take longer.

In order to collect Visa Decisions which have arrived at the VFS Italy Visa Application Center from the Italian Consulate , please bring your receipt with you. For the security of your visa decision envelope, all applicants will be required to pick up their own visa decision envelopes in person from the Visa Application Centre.

If you will not be available to pick up the visa decision envelope personally, the courier option will be availed to you. Please speak to the Visa Officers for the procedure to sign up for this service which will be done on the visa application date.