After submission of documents at the Visa Application Centre, you can also check the status of your application online by simply providing the unique VAC Reference Number and your Date of Birth. VAC reference number can be found on the Invoice-Cum-Receipt provided by Submission Officer at the Visa Application Centre at the time of submission.

The Embassy of the Republic of Korea, Abuja will return processed passports to the Visa Application Centre in Abuja. Applicants have a choice to decide on how they would like to collect their passports and / or documents, i.e. by subscribing for a Courier Services at the time of application submission or by collecting it person from the Visa Application Centre in Abuja.

The Embassy would take a minimum of ten working days for all passports after the submission of all documents.

Please note: Passport collection must be done in person between 8.00 and 16.00 from Monday to Friday, except weekends and holidays.

Korea visa applicant must collect his/her passport within 3 months after receiving passport collecting message from VFS. If not, the passport will be a subject of disposal by the Embassy.

During the passport collection at the Visa Application Centre it is required to provide the following:

  • Original payment receipt that was provided by the Submission Officer during documents submission.
  • Original proof of identity .
  • For minors: birth certificate.

If you have ordered a courier delivery and receive the passport outside of the Visa Application Centre, please be ready to provide the following documents:

  • Original Payment receipt.
  • Document confirming your identity.