Applicants will receive information via SMS (in case you ordered it during submission) or email regarding completion of the visa processing.

Passports can be collected from the Visa Application Centre or get delivered by courier.

Courier after submission. You can still opt for the courier service to receive your passport in the address that you provide. You can see all the info here.

Applicants can collect their passports from the visa application centers as follows:

Monday to Friday: 11:00 to 17:00 (except holidays specified by the Embassy of Lithuania in Moscow). In case you collect your passport on the next working day after getting sms or as per the status on in the tracking system you can collect your passport from 09:00 till 17:00.

Please pay attention to the reminder documents that was given to you after the submission. The Visa centre delivers passports only as per this memo document that is stapled to the agreement and check from the cashier. To collect a passport for a third person (not relative) we’ll ask for an agreement with ICR check, a notarized power of attorney and a copy of national passport of an applicant himself. To collect passport for a child/spouse/parents we’ll ask for an agreement with ICR check, a copy of proof of a family tie (birth/wedding certificate.) Please pay attention that the Visa centres don’t deliver passports to spouses on the basis of marriage stamp.

Applicants are requested to collect their passports from the Visa Application Center within 30 days. If passports are not collected within this period, they will be handed over to the Embassy. Passports which are handed over to courier for delivery will be called off and returned back to the Embassy if delivery fails for more than 30 days. In both cases, applicants will have to collect their passport directly from the Embassy.

Dear applicants please pay attention that transit time to deliver documents from the Visa Centre to the Consulate and back takes 1 day. Besides if delivery of documents in carried out not in Moscow transit will take some time depending on the region.