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Additional Services

Service Service Fee in local currency
(inclusive of Taxes)
Photograph USD 12
Photocopy USD 1
Printing Service USD 1
Courier for Passport Return USD 35
Kiosk- 30min USD 10
Walk-in Service USD 50
Premium Lounge Service USD 55
Form Filling Service USD 35

VFS Service charge will be charged at the Visa Application Centre (VAC) if not paid online prior to appointment

  • Passport Photograph service will be available at our VAC locations in case applicant does not have a photograph available or the photo being submitted is not of required specifications, the price is for 12 USD
  • Photocopies will be available at VAC locations for each document copied will result in a 1 USD charge
  • Printing Service will be available at VAC locations in case you would like to access our kiosk printer and print missing/required documents, the Kiosk use of USD10 for 30 minutes and for each document printed the charge would be 1 USD
  • Your decision will be returned to you via Next Day Air Service only (this does not include delivery during weekend/holidays).The charge for this is USD 35
  • The applicants can opt for a Form Filling service at the application center in order to receive support with application submission. The fee would be for 35 USD.
  • Applicants can walk-in at our application center without an appointment for application submission. The fee would be for USD 50.
  • Applicants will be welcomed into the Premium Lounge in a quiet elegant and comfortable space for a personalized service for application submission, while an officer attends to their requirements in privacy. The fee would be USD 50