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Visa Fees At A Glance

Business/Work visa 40950 KZT 8150 KZT
Tourism /Other Private Visits Visa 40950 KZT 8150 KZT
Close Relatives / Family members /Private Visit Visa 40950 KZT 8150 KZT
Study /Training ,Events or Activities Visa 40950 KZT 8150 KZT
Medical Treatment Visa 40950 KZT 8150 KZT
Children between 0-6 years 0 KZT 8150 KZT
Children between 6-12 years 20500KZT 8150 KZT
Citizenship of : Azerbaijan Albania Armenia Bosnia Herzegovina Georgia Macedonia Moldova Montenegro Russia Ukraine and Belarus 17950 KZT 8150 KZT

Please Note:

  • The Service Fee (Inclusive of 12% VAT) levied per application over and above the visa fees
  • The visa application Centre offers an optional service at a nominal additional cost:

    Photocopying (Inclusive of 12% VAT) per page 260 KZT
    Courier service (Inclusive of 12% VAT)      4610 KZT
  • The Visa Fee, Service Fee and optional services have to be paid in KZT in cash.
  • Courier After Submission:

    If you wish to order a courier delivery service after your visa application was submitted, you should contact the branch of any bank and pay the cost of additional service in the amount of 6500 tenge per one passport.

    Payment details are as follows:

    • ТОО «VFServices (Kazakhstan) LLP» (ВиЭфСервисис (Казахстан) ЛЛПи)
    • Address: Almaty city Temetyazeva street 28V, office 104
    • TRN: 600900607945
    • BIN: 080540017899
    • “Citibank ” JSC , Almaty city
    • IBAN: KZ83 8320 1T02 0043 8000 (KZT)

    Once the payment is done please send to this email ID the scanned receipt confirming payment of the service.

    After the visa application will be processed by the Lithuania General Consulate, your passport will be sent to you by courier service DHL Express. Delivery time takes 1-2 days. The courier will contact you.

  • Visa Application Form filling optional service is available in the VAC. The cost of that optional service is 2850 kzt per application form.
  • Photo booth optional service is 1025 kzt per 4 photo.
  • Travel Insurance

    Optional service of purchase of travel insurance is also available in the Visa Application Centre. Please speak to our Submission officer in order to guide you to the insurance kiosk .representative of the Insurance Company present at the Visa Application Centre for more details and cost of the travel insurance policy.


All fees and service charge listed above are non-refundable and may only be paid in cash, please note that you will be given official receipt for all the payments done at the Visa Application Centre.