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Important Information

  • Temporary visa category partner in long-distance relationship

    A new temporary short-stay visa category ‘partner in long-distance relationship’ has been created by the Netherlands.

  • Additional Covid-19 fee and mandatory passport return by courier.

    2 euro Covid-19 fee:

    For the time being, until 31 December 2020 (subject to prolongation), the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs has given VFS permission to charge an additional ‘Covid-19 fee’ of 2 euros (or the equivalent in local currency) per application. This non-refundable allowance will be levied at the VAC.

    Passport return by courier:

    Until further notice, the use of a courier service for returning your passport(s) is mandatory. This measure has been taken to reduce the number of people in a particular Visa Application Centre.

  • The Netherlands Visa Application Center in Qatar partially re-opens on Thursday, 20th August for limited categories only.

    To check if you may apply, please visit:

    Until further notice, the European Union has suspended Schengen visa representation for other EU member countries. This means that the Netherlands VAC only accepts visa applications for the Netherlands itself.

    Attention: holding a Travel Medical Insurance (TMI) is a requirement to apply for a Schengen visa. The TMI has to cover any expenses that may arise in relation to repatriation for medical reasons and/or emergency treatment during the visa holder’s stay. Expenses made as a result of pandemic situations (including covid-19) cannot be excluded from coverage. Inclusion of pandemic situations should be explicitly mentioned in your TMI. If your TMI does exclude the coverage of pandemic situations, your application may be refused.

    Applicants falling under Long Distance Relationship (LDR) Visa please click the below URL:-

    Please note: Applicants may apply only to The Netherlands for the limited categories. For the represented countries, applicants will need to get a prior approval from the respective mission before applying through The Netherlands Visa application center for the limited categories.

    Not included in the exemptions and so cannot apply are persons who wish to travel for the following purposes:

    • Tourism
    • Sport
    • Business (except the ones falling under the “compelling” reasons)
    • Professional (except the ones falling under the “compelling” reasons)
    • Cultural exchange
    • Caribbean visa

    31 July 2020: European Union citizens including UK nationals, and members of their families, as well as residents of third countries on the list established by the EU can presently travel to the Netherlands. Please note this list is subject to change, according to developments regarding Covid-19.

    For countries still under the EU travel ban, there is a limited number of exemptions (where it ís possible to travel to the Netherlands).

    Visit the relevant page on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website to view the list of countries, to learn more about the exemptions and to see if you can apply for a visa.

    Your application will only enter the decision phase if it fulfills all Schengen visa requirements and explicitly and clearly meets the criteria for an exemption.

  • Visa Application Centre in Qatar moved to a new location .Starting Tuesday, 20 August 2020, applicants will be able to submit their visa applications at 1st Floor (102) Al Nuaimi Building Next to Oqba Ibn Nafie Metro Station, Airport Road Zone No 45, Po Box 232114
  • IMPORTANT - Changes in the rules for Schengen visa applications and increase of visa fees Read more
  • The minimum processing time of a visa application is 15 working days approximately. Applicants are advised to leave enough time between the appointment date and travel date to have their visa application processed. No guarantees can be given on the visa application’s return date as delays may occur.
  • The Embassy is not in a position to update on the visa application status. This can only be done through the tracking application number your received when you applied.
  • Please note that your passport will be kept during the visa application process.
  • Beware of fraudulent job offers. For more details – click here