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Partner in Long Distance Relationship Category (LDR)


Until further notice, your partner from a country to which an entry ban applies may travel to the Netherlands under certain conditions. Your partner may stay in the Netherlands for up to 90 days within a 180-day period. Children under the age of 18 can also travel with your partner.

Travelling with children

If you apply for a short-stay Schengen visa for a minor (child under 18 years of age) there are specific requirements for the documents to be submitted (see the checklist).

When a child travels with one parent (or alone) For more information, see the page Travelling with children (Ministry of Foreign Affairs website).

Visa Fees

Visa Fees (Short Stay) 80 343 For each application
Carribean Visa 80 343 For each application
Children below 6-11 years 40 171 For each application
Carribean Visa (Children below 6-11 years 40 171 For each application
Children Below 0-6 years 0 0 Free Of Charge
Visa –Low rate-:Visa facilitation for citizens of Armenia.Azerbaijan,Kosovo, Ukraine and Russia. 35 150 For each application
MVV Visa (Machtiging Voorlopig Verblijf) different fees depending on type of mvv) 120 515 For each application
Covid-19 Measure Fee 2 9 For each application

Please note:

  • The applicable visa fee in QAR is as per the current exchange rate. It is subject to change without notice due to sudden foreign exchange fluctuations.
  • All payments will be collected in local currency (cash only) as per the local exchange rate.
  • Applicant shall be levied a service charge of QAR 80 per application over and above visa fees .
  • Please note: Covid -19 Measure Fee is a non-refundable Fee.

Documents Required

For detailed information, please visit the Netherlands’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs Q and A’s page on the temporary arrangement for partners in long-distance relationships.

  • You must both sign the Declaration of relationship for COVID-19 entry ban exemption form. On it you must indicate when your relationship started. You must also enclose proof of your relationship and time spent together. You decide what proof you send. For example:

    • airline tickets
    • previously used visas
    • copies of passport stamps
    • payment details showing that you spent time together somewhere (such as hotel reservations)
    • statements by third parties that you are in a relationship (such as a statement from parents or friends)
    • photos.
  • You must meet the conditions required for a short-stay visa if you are subject to a visa requirement for the Netherlands.

Photo Specifications

As a part of biometric data collection, your digital photograph will be taken with full face visible and without sunglasses or tinted spectacles or head covering, unless worn for religious or medical reasons. Your face should be clearly visible with no hair across the eyes.

Your photograph must be taken according to the ICCAO standard. See the Photomatrix Guidelines 2020 (originally meant for the photograph you had to bring) for examples of what is accepted and what is not.

Processing Time

The earliest you can apply is 6 months before you intend to travel. You should apply no later than 15 working days before your trip.

In most cases, you will be informed within 15 calendar days whether your application has been successful. It can take up to 45 days to decide on your visa application.

Some Schengen member states want to exchange information on visa applicants. This check (known as ‘consultation’) is mandatory for certain nationalities.

You can track the status of your application using your track & trace code. If you have any questions about the status of your application, please contact the Visa Application Centre.

After applying for your visa, you will not be able to take home your passport while your visa application is being processed.

Download Forms

To Fill Application Form Click Here

PDF Icon Consent Form

Important Note:

Complete the online Schengen visa application form, print it out and take it to your appointment. It is strongly recommended to complete the form using the online portal instead of the paper format.

The portal will guide you through the application questions and will make sure you do not forget to enter any necessary values