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Additional Services

The additional services given on this page are provided by the Visa Application Centre and the prices given are in addition to the visa application fee and service fee. These optional additional services can be purchased at the visa application Centre when you attend for your appointment.

All service fees mentioned below (inclusive of VAT) are charged in addition to the applicable visa fee.

Additional Service Fee Features
Photocopy Euro 0.50/photocopy You may require photocopies of recommended supporting documentation. VFS Global can take copies for you at the visa application centre.
Print Service Euro 3.00/printout Printout service offers printout facility to applicants by sending an e-mail to our print desk with the electronic documents for printing any pending documents related to their visa application
SMS Euro 2.50 The SMS Text Message service offered at the Visa Centers can be availed at the time when you submit your application. The texts that are included in this package that will keep you up-to-date on the status of your application at different stages – without you having to come to the Visa Centre or checking online through the website. Please ask Visa Centre staff for more details on this service at the time of submitting your application. Please note that the number you provide when choosing this service must be correct otherwise there will be a delivery failure in the texts. Please also read the SMS Service Disclaimer carefully before applying for this service.
Courier ( within Paramaribo) Euro 10.00/envelope In case you would like your passport couriered to your specified address within Paramaribo, you can request this facility at the time of submitting your application. Our agents in the centre will collect the required address from you and your passport will be returned through DHL courier service.
Assisted Form Filling Euro 8.00 Staff at the visa application centre will assist you for visa application form for your convenience.
Saturday Prime Time Euro 18.00 This service allows customers to obtain appointments for application submission outside of the normal working days of the Visa Application Centre; the centre will be open on Saturdays.
To confirm a booking for Prime Time please click here or simply call our helpline at +597 7499485
This charge is over and above the visa fee, service fee or any other additional service charges.

Important Information:

Using this service does not mean your visa application will be processed quicker or that you will be issued a visa. Your visa application will be processed in the normal way by The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs and your visa application will need to meet the requirements of the Immigration Rules.

  • All services listed above are purely optional and are non-refundable.