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Additional Services


Photocopying – 1 TL per page.

Photograph Service

Self Service coin operated vending machine that is designed to view their image on a screen before selecting the best photo. Using the booth is simplicity itself and the photo's come out dry in 45 seconds. You can get 6 photographs instantly at a nominal cost of a 25 TL (Inclusive of VAT).

Courier Service

You can choose to have your passport couriered back to your address by choosing this service at the time you submit your application. Our staff in the centre will collect the required address from you and your passport will be returned through UPS courier service. Please note that any errors in the address given would result in the contents not being delivered on-time or correctly. You can have more information about terms of delivery at the visa centre. Charge of this service is 65 TL.

Courier after Submission

You can still opt for the courier service (UPS) to receive your passport in the address that you provide after submission of documents. You can order this service by filling in the request form here.

Please note that the request and delivery is carried out only on working days.

The cost of Courier after Submission service is 65 TL for per passport.

Form Filling Service

Applicants can avail the Form Filling Service at the Visa Application Centre. The cost of form filling service is 45 TL.

Note: All charges must be paid in cash at the time of submission

VIP Service

The Premium Lounge service is available in Istanbul – Harbiye, Istanbul – Altunizade and Ankara for those customers who would like to experience a dedicated service. This service provides the following amenities (that are included in the additional fee of 300 TL )

Premium Lounge service offers following services:

  • comfortable atmosphere;
  • special assistance offered by Visa Application Centre employee;
  • Printing and photocopying facility;
  • tea/coffee, soft drinks and refreshments;
  • television, magazines and newspapers;
  • the ability to pay for all services in the premium lounge avoiding the common cashier desks

Important Note: Using the Premium Lounge service will not influence the visa processing time, visa issuance or the duration of the visa. As for every traveller, your visa will be processed and decided by the Embassy/Consulate.

Internet Kiosk

You can use this service to access the internet for any pending documents related to your application. Please speak to the information desk/submission officer for further details. This service charge is 20 TL.

Printout Service

Applicants can send an e-mail to our printout desks with the electronic documents for printing any pending documents related to their visa application. This service is available within the VAC. The cost of Print out Service is 1 TL per page.

Prime Time Service

Applicants may also apply before regular office hours (in between 07:00 and 08:30) on prime time application to avoid heavy traffic and crowd. This new optional service allows applicants who are not able to come to our office during business hours to apply.

Kindly contact our Call Center (+90 212 373 58 06) to make an appointment and for further details.

Those who want to use this service can make an appointment within the limited slots by paying 160 TL in addition to the service fee.