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    13 July 2020

    Dear Applicants Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, services provided at our visa application centers have been suspended. Our Ankara, Izmir and Antep Application Centers will continue to provide limited services only on Wednesdays. In our Istanbul-Beyoğlu Application Center, we will continue to provide limited services only on Monday and Wednesday. We apologize for any possible inconvenience.

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    19 January 2020

    Applications without an appointment will not be accepted in December 2019 and January 2020. Applications for the following type of visas will be accepted without an appointment: Orange Carpet, Sailor, Return and Health related visits.

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    15 May 2019

    Important Update: Submitted visa application to The General Consulate of Istanbul via Istanbul, Bursa and Edirne Application Centres, beginning from the 09 April 2019, Lorry Drivers are required to submit Schengen Area Entry record Form with their visa applications. The form is available at following link

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    09 May 2019

    Visa Application Centre in Istanbul is moving to a new location effective 14 May 2019. Starting Tuesday, 14 May 2019, applicants will be able to submit their visa applications at Hacıahmet Mh. Kurtuluş Deresi Cd. No: 29/A (Elysium Soul) Beyoğlu-İstanbul.

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    12 April 2019

    Visa Application Centre in Ankara is moving to a new location effective 16 April 2019. Starting Tuesday, 16 April 2019, applicants will be able to submit their visa applications at İşçi Blokları Mh. Muhsin Yazıcıoğlu Cd. No:57/A Çankaya/Ankara 06530 – Regnum Sky Tower

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    22 March 2019

    Technical problems at the İzmir VFS Global office have been solved. All applications will be accepted.

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    06 September 2018

    Outage Notice:

    As of 26 September 2018, Dutch applications will be accepted through the online application form. Online application form can be found at

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    21 June 2017

    Important notice

    Beware of fraudulent websites

    Dear Applicants,

    It has come to our notice that several fraudulent agents are operating in Turkey through spam websites, which falsely carry the VFS Global name. We urge you to apply extra caution when completing your online visa application form, booking your appointments or making online payments by ensuring that beyond any doubt you are on the authorised VFS Global website.

    Aspects to keep in mind are:

    • Ensure the website address used is Click here ...
    • Keep a lookout for below warning signs

      a. VFS Logo
      b. Call Centre No is as 0212 373 58 xx
      c. Email address is as
    • Refrain from making upfront payment, as VFS Global does not as for any upfront payments

    Please note, VFS Global is not responsible or liable for any fraudulently executed visa application activities. We recommend applicants to refrain from making any upfront payments or share any personal information until and unless they are sure of the authenticity of the agent. Should you suspect fraud, we encourage you to contact your local police and/or any competent local authorities.

    Thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to serving you.


    VFS Global Management


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    19 July 2016

    Important Information:

    The Netherlands Embassy/Consulate is entitled to request applicants to come for a second time to the Visa Application Center when the fingerprints of the applicant have not been correctly registered in EU VIS. This request has to be made in order to guarantee a smooth procedure when passing the border. We would recommend all applicants to give the fingerprints even if fingerprints have already been taken during a previous visit at the visa application center.