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Orange Carpet Programme


If you or your staff travel regularly to the Netherlands and require a Schengen visa, you may be eligible for the Orange Carpet Programme. This makes it easier for travellers working for businesses and other organisations to get a visa.

Orange Carpet conditions and applying

Eligibility for the Orange Carpet Programme varies by country. It is only possible to apply via a Dutch embassy or consulate general, not through a Visa Application Centre. The website of the embassy/consulate general provides more information on the Orange Carpet Programme and on how to apply. The embassy/consulate general decides whether you meet the local conditions.

If your application for the Orange Carpet Programme is successful, you can also apply for your visas via the Visa Application Centre.

Orange Carpet benefits

The benefits of the Orange Carpet Programme vary from country to country. Here are some examples of possible benefits:

  • You will not need to show as many documents to get a visa.
  • Your visa will be valid for several trips (multiple entry visa).
  • Your visa will be ready for collection sooner.
  • Your visa will be valid for longer.
  • You will not have to make an appointment to submit an application, or special opening times apply.

Apply for a visa at the Visa Application Centre

If your application for the Orange Carpet Programme is successful, see below for information on how to apply for a visa at the Visa Application Centre.

Visa Fee

The visa fee of the equivalent to 60 Euro has to be paid in local currency.

Please note that VFS Global offers an additional optional service for visa applicants in Turkey. VFS Charges an extra service fee for this service, to be paid by the applicant.

  • For the official visa fees charged by the Dutch government, click here.
  • VFS charges an additional service fee of 141 TL(including 18% VAT).
  • Visa Fee Payment can only be made in cash (Turkish Liras).
  • All fees are non-refundable

What to bring

  • Passport (valid for at least 6 months after your return) and a copy of the data page and all passport pages with stamps.
  • Once recently taken passport sized photo (not older than 6 months, 35040 mm in width) be taken with a light blue or grey background, full face and no sunglasses. Please do not affix photo on the form.
  • Completed and signed Schengen visa applications form.

The following documents need to be shown at the counter and one copy each of documents needs to be submitted:

  • An OCP cover letter signed by the applicant’s company contact person for the OCP guaranteeing the company to cover all expenses involved as well as the applicant being adequately (medically) insured during his or her visit.

If someone is travelling with the applicant, all details should be mentioned and guaranteed in this letter as well.

In case of a spouse and/or children that are accompanying the employee on his/her business trip and are not mentioned in the OCP letter the following documents of the spouse/children have to be attached to the applications:

  • Copy of overseas medical insurance policy, including medical emergency evacuation cover (equivalent to 30,000 Euros), corresponding with the (desired) period of stay.
  • Copy of airline reservation and hotel reservation and health insurance if the family member are not included in the orange carpet letter that they are fully covered.

Additional documents for applicants under the age of 18:

  • For children under 18 both parents must sign on both pages of the visa application form and submit signed copies of their passport ID cards. All applicants have to come in person (including babies and children).
  • Consent from both parents to travel abroad is mandatory.
  • If the applicant is under custody of only one parent a certificate showing this is required. The documentation needs to be in original and issued by the legal authorities. The documentation also needs to be supported by a copy of the custodian’s signed id-card or passport.

Make an appointment

Make an appointment to apply for an Orange Carpet visa.