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Visa Fees At A Glance

Dear Applicants, please remember, Visa fee amount varies depending upon Visa category applicant is applying for, Nationality and Applicant’s age. There might be different rules applicable to your visa application, exact amount of the payment shall be announced to you while submission after checking your documents.

For the official visa fees charged by the Dutch government, Click Here

Please Note:

There is a service charge of 143 TL (Inclusive of 18% VAT) levied per application over and above the visa fees

The visa application centre offers an optional service at a nominal additional cost:

Photocopying (Inclusive of 18% VAT)  1 TL
Photograph service (Inclusive of 18% VAT)  25 TL
Courier service (Inclusive of 18% VAT)
65 TL
Courier After Submission (Inclusive of 18% VAT) 65 TL
VIP Premium Lounge Service 300 TL
Assisted Form Filling Service (Inclusive of 18% V.A.T) 45 TL
Internet Kiosk 20 TL
Prime Time Service 160 TL

Please click here for more information on the optional service.

The Visa Fee, VFS service charge and any optional services you have opted has to be paid in Turkish Liras only in cash.