Passport / ID card fees


Please note that the VFS Global Offices in London and Edinburgh offer an additional optional service for Dutch nationals to apply for a Dutch passport or ID card in Edinburgh and London. VFS charges an extra service fee for this service, to be paid by the applicant.

  1. For the official passport and ID card fees charged by the Dutch government, click here.
  2. VFS charges additional service fees:

    Service fee Amount (inclusive of VAT)
    Standard service fee per application (in London and Edinburgh) GBP 14.32
    For London only: extra prime time service fee* for applications on Monday to Friday evenings and Saturday mornings GBP 25.00

    * in addition to the standard fee

  3. All fees can be paid by Credit/Debit card or Postal Orders in the name of “Netherlands Application Centre”
  4. Cash, cheque payments and direct bank transfers are not accepted.
  5. All fees are non-refundable.


  • An optional Special Delivery facility for the return of passports is available at an additional service fee of GBP 16,95 (inclusive of VAT) per application. Royal Mail envelopes are not accepted.
  • An optional SMS facility for updates on your application is available at an additional fee of GBP 2.50 (inclusive of VAT) per application. Please note a valid UK mobile number should be provided to avail this service.