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FOR SHORT STAY (Stay up to 90 days)

  • You are requested to make an appointment prior to visiting the Application Centre. All documents requested must be submitted at the time of submission. Incomplete applications may be refused;
  • An appointment is mandatory and must be made for each visa applicant;
  • You can book an appointment up to 6 months before the date of the planned trip;

    To book an appointment, you are requested to send us an email to with the following details:

      Full Name  
      Passport Number  
      Passport Expiry Date DD/MM/YYYY 
      Date Of Birth DD/MM/YYYY 
      Contact Number  
      Date Of Travel DD/MM/YYYY 
      Preferred Date of Appointment* DD/MM/YYYY 
      Category Of Visa
      • Business
      • Chavez Vilchez
      • Humanitarian cases (passing of relatives in the Netherlands)
      The Country Of My Main Destination
      • The Netherlands
      • Caribbean

      *Subject to availability at the time of request received

      An appointment confirmation will be sent to the email address provided by the applicant.

      Important: An appointment will be booked for the applicant ONLY if ALL the above information is provided. In case of any missing detail, no appointment will be booked without intimation.

  • Every applicant applying for a Schengen visa to travel to Netherlands has to appear in person to hand in the application at the Schengen Visa Application Centre.
  • You must print the appointment confirmation letter in order to present it at the entrance of the Visa Centre.

** Problems with booking appointments at the VFS Global Application Centre:

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in The Netherlands is aware of the problems in Iran concerning the appointment system at the Visa Application Centre for the Netherlands (VFS Global) in Tehran. In spite of the extra work that both the embassy staff and the staff of VFS Global spend on arranging appointments for particular cases, the situation is not satisfactory: every day the appointment system shows that an average of 40% or more of the applicants do not show up, without cancelling the appointment, spoiling chances for other customers.

Visa applicants who do not attend the appointment as booked or book the appointment in wrong category, will not be able to book another appointment for the next three month.

Point of attention

Agents try to sell appointments, pretending they work for VFS Global. These agents are NOT working for VFS Global and let it be clear that at this moment the customer does not have to pay anything to obtain an appointment with VFS Global.

The Embassy clearly regrets the current situation with regard to the no show percentage and makes every possible effort to find a solution. For instance, introducing a prepayment system for visa service fee at the time of scheduling an appointment.