Additional Services

The services mentioned here are optional. To use them, you will need to pay an extra fee in addition to the visa application fee.

Courier service

Call Collect (Two Way Courier Service Process)

The two-way courier service will provide a pick-up and return courier service for  passport/s to the applicant at an address of their choice. The fee for this service is PHP 600. You may pay the two-way courier fee via Bank Transfer. Bank Transfer – You may visit the bank and transfer the money to our account. Please note there might be a bank charge from the bank. Please note your name and passport number in the remark column when you make the transfer to help us consolidate the payment you make.

Important: Please note that once you have secured a confirmed collection of your application/documents with reference number at the time of courier collection and for any reason your documents are not ready or any unavoidable circumstance arises and you were unable to cancel your booking before the scheduled pick-up of within 24 hours for Metro Manila; 48 hours for Provincial collection, you will be charged an additional One-way courier service fee of PHP 380.

For further details please contact the NZVAC Call Centre at 02 8528 2504 or email us at

Courier Delivery (One Way Courier Service Process)

Applicants may submit their application by post to NZVAC in Manila and Cebu using their chosen courier company. However, to be able for us to send back your original passport/s please include in your application bank transfer deposit slip worth PHP 380.

SMS service - track your application

SMS news updates will be sent to you informing you on the current location of your visa application. Once purchased you will receive several automated feedback messages to your mobile phone informing you what stage your application is within the process. The service supports the transfer of SMS text into English and re-assures you that your visa application is progressing towards the final stages of the visa application process at the VAC. At the end of the process you will receive an automated email message (in English only) to your registered email address provided in your application form, informing you of your passport/s being dispatched to courier for delivery and information on how to follow-up your application. You will not be informed of the result of your application.

You can buy this service for PHP110 at the same time you submit your visa application form and supporting documents at the Visa Application Centre.

Please read the SMS carefully before applying for this service.

Photograph service

Applicants using this service can have their photograph taken at the Visa Application Centre. This will ensure that the photographs meet the Immigration New Zealand specifications. This service can be bought for an extra fee of PHP150 Four Photograph.

Photocopying documents

There is a photocopying service at the Visa Application Centre for a fee of PHP5 for each sheet.

Notice to Visa Applicants about optional Value Added Services

VFS Global offers a wide range of additional services to make your visa application experience even more convenient.

These serves that come at an extra charge are OPTIONAL and can be availed solely at your discretion.

Opting for any of these services will in no way impact the decision on your visa application.

Thank you.