If you have submitted a Visa Application at New Zealand Visa Application Centre in Philippines you can check your application status by using the following options:

Collection of Passport

  • Over the counter :

    • The original NZVAC payment receipt should be handed over during the passport collection. If the original receipt was lost, kindly provide a statement letter from the primary applicant along with his/her copy of ID. If the original receipt was lost and the passport need to be collected by a representative, kindly provide an authorization letter from the primary applicant along with copies of ID of the primary applicant and the representative.
    • Kindly check our “Collection Time”. before visiting visa application centre
  • Courier delivery :

    • If you wish to receive your documents at your home or office then you can opt for this service. Once the visa application process has been completed by INZ in Manila, NZVAC will return the processed documents to your desired address. Kindly refer to the menu “Additional Services” for details of courier service.