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The Royal Norwegian Embassy represents Denmark, Sweden and Iceland for tourist visa applications. Residence permits for Norway and Visa applications for Denmark, Sweden, Iceland and Norway must be submitted to the Norwegian Visa Application Center in Buenos Aires, and will be evaluated by the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Argentina.

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  • Requirement of negative Covid-19 test and quarantine when entering Norway

    The Norwegian Government has implemented new regulations on entry to Norway due to the spread of COVID-19.

    The regulations are connected to pre-arrival Covid-19 test and quarantine after arrival. The regulations are in force as of 09 November 2020.

    Please read the complete information here.

  • More family members who live outside the EU/ EEA can now travel to Norway.

    The government has announced that it will be possible for more family members residing outside the EU/ EEA to travel to Norway from 21 October 2020. Before applying for your visa, please read the complete information here.

  • Starting October 13th the Norway Visa Application Centre in Buenos Aires will resume operations attending by appointment only certain types of visas and permits according to details provided by the Royal Norwegian Embassy's website. If you wish to apply to one of the visas or permits mentioned by the Embassy, please send an appointment requested by email to
  • The Norwegian Government has implemented extensive restrictions on entry into Norway due to the spread of COVID-19. As a result, foreigners who do not hold a valid residence permit in Norway will be rejected at the border and refused entry into Norway. For the time being, visas for visitors to Norway will not be granted.
  • Moreover, and as an additional consequence of the coronavirus outbreak and its spread throughout the different countries of the globe, it has been suspended the representation agreements that Norway had signed with other countries. This means that hereafter and until further notice, Norway will not process visa applications from Denmark, Iceland and Sweden.
  • Kindly check the following links to a apply for a visa for Denmark, Iceland or Sweden:
  • DENMARK: Visa applicants for Denmark should go to this website to check where to apply for a Denmark visa and find the nearest Visa Application Center. You can also check the FAQ section in the following link.
  • SWEDEN: Visa applicants for Sweden should contact the Swedish Embassy in Buenos Aires or the Swedish immigration authority (Migrasjonsverket).
  • ICELAND: Visa applicants for Iceland should contact the Icelandic Migration Directorate in Reykjavik directly.
  • Important information about the measures taken by the Norwegian Government regarding the coronavirus.
  • Beware of fraudulent job offers. For more details – click here

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