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    22 February 2020

    New visa rules from February 2020: Please take note of the following changes in the Visa Regulation (Visa Code) which will enter into force 02 February 2020:

    • Increased fees: The visa fees will be increased from EUR 60 to EUR 80. For children between 6 and 12 years old, the visa fee will be increased from EUR 35 to EUR 40.
    • Flexible submission: As of 2nd February 2020 travellers will be able to submit their visa applications up to 6 months ahead of the scheduled departure date. Seafarers can apply up to 9 months in advance. As a rule, applications shall be lodged no later than 15 calender days before the start of the intended visit to the Schengen area.
    • Processing time: Visa applications shall be decided on within 15 calendar days after the embassy or consulate has received the application. The decision period may be extended to 45 days when further consideration is needed.

    Important notice! From 02 of March 2020 all applications will be sent to New York, USA.

    New regional hub system for immigration cases:

    As of the 02 of March 2020, the Norwegian Embassy in Buenos Aires will no longer receive applications for visitor’s visa or residence permit to Norway submitted at the VFS Norway Visa Application Center in Buenos Aires. Instead, your application will be sent to the Norwegian Consulate General in New York City, United States.

    What will change?

    Although your application will be sent to another mission, you will still be able to submit the application and collect your passport and decision documents from the same VFS application center in Buenos Aires.

    Whereas the application procedures remain the same, please be informed that certain applications submitted in Argentina also will be subject to a courier fee to cover transportation of the application documents between the VFS application centre and New York. The courier fee will only be charged if you need a visa to go to Norway or the Schengen area as your passport must be sent to the hub mission in New York for the issuance of a visa. If you do not need a visa to go to Norway, your passport will be returned to you within few days after you submitted your application to VFS.

    Not sure if you need a visa?  List of third countries whose nationals must be in possession of a visa when crossing the external borders.

    The application fee and service fee will remain unchanged. See our ‘Application fees at a glance’-section for further information.

    Travelling to a different Schengen country?

    Please note that Norway will continue to represent Sweden, Iceland and Denmark, which means that visa applications for these countries also will be sent to and processed by the Norwegian Consulate General in New York starting 02 of March 2020.