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Residence permit Denmark


Brazilian citizens need to apply for a residence visa to Denmark. Click here to know the type of visas.

Due to a cooperation agreement between the Nordic countries, the Norwegian Embassy in Brasilia and the Consulate General of Norway in Rio de Janeiro are responsible for receiving applications for work and residence permits for Denmark, the Faroe Islands and Greenland for the residents of Brazil.

Visa Fee

Read More about ID creation and fee payment here

In addition to the fee to the Danish immigration service, there is a consular fee to be paid. Click here for more information


On the day of your appointment at the application center you will have to pay a VFS Service fee of BRL 270.72

Documents Required

To apply for a Danish resident permit, you need to go here

After gathering the documentation, filling in the forms and paying the DIS rate (fee charged by the Immigration Service), the applicant must request an appointment for the mandatory attendance.

For applications made online, the applicant must appear within 14 days of the date of registration or the process must be reworked.

Documents to be delivered by ALL applicants on the date of the appointment:

  • E-mail confirmation of submission of your application.
  • proof of payment of the DIS
  • Passport and copy of ALL passport pages (from cover to cover)
  • 2 photos 3x4
  • Payment of the consular fee (in addition to the DIS rate this fee is mandatory and only minors are exempt).

Documents that may be required in some specific cases (mainly students)

Higher Education Students:

  • Guarantee form (if applicable - students)
  • proof of income in the name of the APPLICANT, being able to be joint holder of account with other people.
  • Proof of English language proficiency - if applicable (folk high school and some other cases, see if your application requires). If you do not have the applicant you can take a test here at the Consulate (this test only guarantees the minimum level of English required).

Student exchange students

Minors must present themselves accompanied by at least one parent or legal guardian.

Parents or legal guardians must present:

  • valid passport or identification with photo and signature and the respective copies.
  • Copy of birth certificate
  • statement made and asserted by the parents informed that they agree with their travel and that they are aware of the application for the application for residence to Denmark.
  • Travel authorization for a smaller model of the federal police force -

No vaccines are required for Denmark.

Photo Specfications

You will find all the information you need by going here

Processing Time

After the interview there is no need to return. The process will be scanned and sent to Immigration in Denmark and the response will be sent by email within the time frame which can vary from 2 to 3 months. This email is a letter containing the Immigration response with instructions for entry into Denmark. To travel, simply print the letter and have it at hand.

The processing times will depend on your type of visa, you can check the times here:

Application Form

You will find all information regarding the resident visa types and forms to fill here