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How To Apply

Anyone who is applying for a Visa or Residence Permit to Norway should now register the application, pay the application fee online on the portal before submitting their supporting documents at VFS's visa application centre

VFS's visa application centre accepts applications without prior appointment from 8.30 to 12.30 Sunday to Thursday, except bank holidays, until the daily quota is filled up”.

The Application Portal is used for applications for the purpose of:

  • Tourism, visiting family/friends, business trips, cultural, official etc. (short stay visas - up to 90 days)
  • Residence, work, au pair, study permits, family reunification (residence permits)
App Portal

Click here to access the Application Portal

To know the processing time for each Visa Application please click here

How to apply

You must submit an application online via the Application Portal if you want to apply for a Visa or a Permit to Norway. Please kindly note that either the applicant or the reference person in Norway can register the application online on behalf of the applicant. Sponsors who complete the entire process on behalf of the applicant must send a copy of the completed application form to the applicant, so that he/she is fully aware of the information being submitted.

Applicants will be guided through the online application process. The information requested is the same as on the Schengen application form, such as personal details, details of reference company/person in Norway, details of the intended journey etc. First time applicants must register as users on the Application Portal. Existing users can simply log on.

Please note that group registrations will, until further notice, not be possible via Application Portal


  1. Go to the Application Portal
  2. Click on “Register new user”
  3. Fill in the necessary boxes:

    • Username
    • First Name
    • Surname
    • E-mail
    • Confirm e-mail
    • Password
    • Confirm password
  4. In a short while, an email will be sent to your e-mail address. Open the email, click on the site given to activate your account.
  5. Go to application portal, on the left hand side, enter your user name and password and click the log on.
  6. Choose the application you want to fill out: visa, family immigration, work, education, etc.
  7. Fill in the application completely.
  8. Go to payment, choose if you want to pay with Visa or Mastercard.
  9. When the application is filled out and submitted, the receipt and confirmation will be sent to your e-mail.

    • Please note that you must print the cover letter that is available on the summary page (2 copies) with your signature and bring these to the Embassy with the rest of the documents.
    • Please attach a passport photo to one copy and affix your signature below.
    • Please make sure that you bring all the necessary supporting documents.

If you experience problems during the registration process, the Embassy will not be able to assist you online. Please contact the UDI for assistance.

NB! Workaround for tourist visa, step Travel Plan (register as shown here):


Residence Permits

All applications for any kind of residence permit will be scanned and sent electronically to UDI in Norway for processing. In order to reduce processing time and improve user service, all applicants who wish to apply for a residence permit in Norway (Family Immigration, Work, Au-Pair, Student, Seasonal, Specialist etc.) must provide one perfect copy in A4 format of all case documents. Applicants, who do not submit copies of satisfactory quality, must arrange for new copies, whatever delay this may cause. The Embassy does not provide any copying assistance. When submitting copies of satisfactory quality, the case will be given priority.

Status of application

Please note that the Embassy cannot start processing the application before all supporting documents have been received. The application is formally registered on the date you submit your passport with the relevant supporting documentation.

To the Application Portal

Documentation of ability to return

A foreign national who holds a residence permit in another country than his/her home country must be able to return to his/her country of residence. The right to return must be valid for at least three months after the period for which the foreign national has been granted a visitor's visa.

What to bring to VFS application Centre in Dokki, Cairo

After you have submitted the online application you must meet in person at the VFS application Centre in Dokki, Cairo to hand in the necessary supporting documents, and provide biometric data, please click here for more information.

All applicants are required to appear in person for the collection of the following biometric data: ten (10) fingerprints and a photograph. It is a simple and discreet procedure that only takes a few minutes, and the collected data will be stored in a secure central database for almost five years (59 months). Kindly note that these regulations only apply for Schengen visa applications. If you are applying for a residence permit for work, family, study purposes etc., you are for the time being not required to give fingerprints.

When several persons apply together, each person must submit his/her own application. This also applies to children. The applicant must fill in the visa application accurately and sign it. Minors must submit an application form signed by their parent(s) or the person who is the minor’s permanent or temporary guardian.

Please make sure that you have the necessary supporting documents, original passport and cover letter ready on the day you are planning to submit your application at VFS visa application centre. All applicants must be present at the VFS visa application centre on the day of submission. Applicants, who fail to provide the necessary supporting documents to come on another day.

The processing time will increase if the application submitted is incomplete and the immigration authorities have to obtain further documentation. He/she will be informed that there is an increased risk of the visa application being rejected if the requested information is not provided within the deadline stipulated by the immigration authorities.

Applicants, who are exempt from paying the visa fee, will get the fee reimbursed electronically for their Visa Fee after submitting their supporting documents at VFS Global and after their application being reviewed by the Embassy.

Note that processing time is normally up to 15 calender days from the day a complete application is received by the Embassy in Amman.
For more information about the processing time please click here.

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