Welcome to the website of the Norway Visa Application Centre. This website provides information on how to apply for a Schengen visa to Norway. If you follow the guidelines on this website, you will be able to submit your application accurately with correct documentation and thereby avoid unnecessary delays.
This site provides with details related to your application submission and passport collection/delivery along with other useful information you need to know.

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  • Entry restrictions eased for romantic partners and family members

    Romantic partners and family members from countries outside the EU/EEA will be allowed to enter Norway from 12 September.

  • Dear Customer,

    Due to unforeseen circumstances VFS Visa Applications center in Tehran, Iran will remain closed on 29 August 2021. Applicants who had appointment on 29th August will be contacted with the rescheduled appointment at the earliest.

    We regret for the inconvenience caused.

  • Dear Customer,

    This is to inform you that in compliance with the Latest Announcement received from the Government to curb the COVID-19 spread whereby a curfew will be imposed from 15 August 2021 Mid night till 20 August 2021 Mid night, the VFS Visa applications center will remain closed.

    We will contact you to reschedule your appointment. Regret for the inconvenience caused.

  • Starting on 11 March 2021 persons applying for a residence permit in Norway will be requested to submit biometrics in the form of a live photograph and ten fingerprints. The fingerprint requirement applies to persons above the age of 6. Persons over the age of 10 have to provide their signature.
  • Stricter rules for entry to Norway – important changes effective from 29 January 2021

    The Norwegian Government has implemented more stringent regulations on entry to Norway due to the spread of COVID-19. Several groups who were earlier eligible for entry into Norway, are now not allowed to enter Norway. The new regulations are in force as of 29 January 2021.

    You are therefore advised to check whether the new regulations apply to you before you submit an application. For information on the new regulations, and answers to specific questions relating to travel to Norway during the corona situation, please consult the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration’s Q&A webpage:

    Also, please be aware that all travelers are responsible to keep themselves updated on the current rules for entering Norway.

  • Covid-19, visa and residence permit applications

    Due to the Covid-19 pandemic our ability to provide services for applicants who wish to apply for visas and residence permits has been affected. As changes can happen fast, we will update this article with relevant information regarding the application process for those who wish to submit their visa or residence permit applications in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, Iran and Pakistan. In addition, the Embassy receives applications for residence permits from Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman.


    To limit the risk of transmitting the significantly more contagious variant of the coronavirus, the Government is imposing far stricter rules on foreign nationals who seek entry to Norway. In general, only foreign nationals who reside in Norway will be permitted to enter.

    The new entry rules are in addition to an extensive border control system that includes requirements of a negative coronavirus test result prior to arrival in Norway, registration of each traveller’s purpose for entering and intended place of quarantine, mandatory testing at the border and legally mandated quarantine.

    The following groups of people no longer have access to the country:

    • foreign nationals residing in the EEA and EEA nationals residing in third countries (unless covered by exemptions that also apply to third-country nationals);
    • family members apart from nuclear families in which the children are minors, for both EEA nationals and others, meaning that grandparents, adult children, parents of adult children and romantic partners may no longer visit;
    • foreign nationals from countries outside the EEA who are granted a residence permit in connection with work or study, including as a seasonal worker or student;
    • a foreign national who is to work with film or series production or as a researcher who is exempt from the requirement of a residence permit.

    Exemptions are still provided for some groups. Groups with permission to enter include:

    • foreign nationals who reside in Norway;
    • foreign nationals for whom special reasons indicate they should be granted the right to enter, such as specific care responsibilities for persons in Norway or other compelling welfare considerations;
    • foreign nationals who are to carry out agreed or formalised parent-child contact;
    • close family members of persons residing in Norway, i.e. spouses/registered partners/cohabitants, minor children or stepchildren, parents or stepparents of minor children or stepchildren;
    • journalists and other personnel on assignment for a foreign media institution;
    • foreign nationals who plan an airport stopover in Norway (both in international airport transit and within Schengen);
    • seafarers and aviation personnel;
    • foreign nationals who perform commercial transport of goods and passengers;
    • foreign nationals who work in critical public functions;
    • health personnel from Sweden and Finland who work in the Norwegian health and care services.

    The usual requirements for visa and entry will apply.

    For more information regarding covid-19 test and quarantine conditions upon entry to Norway, please consult the Norwegian Institute of Public Health’s webpage; .

    Please find relevant press release here: Norway introduces its strictest entry rules since March 2020 -

    The Norwegian Embassy in Abu Dhabi visa section has no further information and we are unable to answer any detailed questions regarding these changes for the time being.

    For more information about the entry restrictions that have entered into force as a result of the Covid-19 situation, please visit UDI's information page about the Corona situation.

    For more information regarding quarantine conditions please consult the Norwegian Institute of Public Health’s webpage

    The Norwegian Embassy in Abu Dhabi is responsible for handling visa and residence permit applications for Norway for the following countries: UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

    In addition to the above-mentioned countries, the Embassy receives applications for residence from Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman.

    For information about the application procedures and requirements for other nationals, please select your country from the list on

    Please note the following:

    VFS Global: VFS' Visa Application Centers in the Iran, Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia are open, but with reduced capacity. Please visit for more information and to book an appointment.

    Interviews: Interviews are being conducted through the VFS Application Centres. However, to protect our staff and the applicants from the risk of contracting Covid-19, it is not possible for interviews to be conducted at our Embassies in Tehran and Islamabad at this time.

    DNA-tests: DNA-tests are being conducted. However, to protect our staff and the applicants from the risk of contracting Covid-19, the tests are being done with very limited capacity. The missions in Islamabad, Tehran , Abu Dhabi and Riyadh will contact the applicant to schedule a date for the DNA-sample to be collected.

    Representation agreements: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the representation agreements Norway has with the Netherlands in Oman and Germany in Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain, are until further notice suspended. As a result, applicants in the afore-mentioned countries who wish to apply for a visa to Norway must now travel to the nearest VFS Visa Application Centre to submit their applications. In the UAE, we have until further notice suspended our representation agreement with Iceland. Subsequently, we do not receive applications for Iceland. That said, we will upon the request of Icelandic authorities.

    If you have questions, kindly contact the VFS Helpline for general queries on how to apply and what documents are required. Furthermore, regarding questions about the status of a residence the Norwegian Embassy in Abu Dhabi, visa section-

  • Requirement of negative Covid-19 test and quarantine when entering Norway

    The Norwegian Government has implemented new regulations on entry to Norway due to the spread of COVID-19.

    The regulations are connected to pre-arrival Covid-19 test and quarantine after arrival. The regulations are in force as of 9th of November 2020.

    Please read the complete information here.

  • Information to citizens of Afghanistan on how to apply for a visit visa or residence permit to Norway.

    Citizens of Afghanistan have to submit their applications for visit visa or residence permit primarily in Pakistan. In addition to applying from Pakistan, Afghan nationals who can travel and stay legally in Iran, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates can choose to apply at the VFS Global applications Centers in the respective countries.

    Kindly note that you need to have a prebooked appointment with VFS in order to submit your visa or residence permit applications. Information on how to book appointments can be found at the homepage of VFS Global.

    Royal Norwegian Embassy Abu Dhabi.

  • VFS’ Visa Application Centers for Norway Update For more details, click here.
  • Norway open for entry for most family immigrants from 15 June

    You can travel to Norway now if you have been granted a family reunion with a Norwegian citizen or with a foreign citizen residing in Norway. If you travel to Norway now you must familiarize yourself with important information about entry and quarantine. For more information please visit:

  • Courier return of passports made mandatory for Norway visa customers in Tehran

    Effective 28 May 2020, in light of the COVID-19 alert and keeping in mind the health and safety of our customers and employees, the courier service for return of passports to Norway visa customers in Tehran has been made mandatory.

    Customers no longer need to visit the Visa Application Centre to pick up their passport. Once ready for collection, the passport will be couriered to their location of choice (serviceable by our courier partner, Aramex & TNT).

    Courier fees of Euro 10 per application (inside Tehran) and Euro 14 per application (outside Tehran) will apply.

    The courier service has been made mandatory for a temporary period to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus and reduce the footfall at the Visa Application Centre.

    We will post an update on this page when the courier service is made optional again.

    We apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

  • Norway Visa Application Centre partially resumes in Tehran

    Effective 26 May 2020, Norway Visa Application Centre in Tehran will resume partial operations accepting applications for residence permit on every Sunday, Tuesday from 08:00 to 14:00hrs.

    Your safety is our priority. As part of precautionary measures, customers visiting our Visa Application Centres may be subjected to body temperature checks to assess their health conditions and may be required to wear face mask and gloves. Customers exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms, including fever (higher than 38 degrees Celsius), cough and difficulty breathing will be allowed to reschedule their appointments for another day.

    Thank you for your understanding.

  • The Norway Visa application Centre will only hand over passports on Sundays between 08:00 hrs and 13:00 hrs.
  • Restrictions on entry into Norway

    The Norwegian Government has implemented extensive restrictions on entry into Norway due to the spread of COVID-19. As a result, foreigners who do not hold a valid residence permit in Norway will be rejected at the border and refused entry into Norway. For the time being, visas for visitors to Norway will not be granted.

    For more information on the entry restrictions to Norway, please visit:


    In order to stop the spread of COVID-19 and to contribute to the maintenance of necessary health and care services, the Norwegian Directorate of Health has, according to the Infection Control Act, issued the following decision with effect from 12 March 2020:

    Travellers from countries outside the Nordic region who are not residents of Norway will be asked to return. The alternative is quarantine. Travellers with symptoms will be isolated.

    For more information please follow this link
  • Dear all visa applicants,

    You can now apply for a Schengen visa to Norway six months ahead of date of travel, but it is required to apply at least 15 days before your planned travel date. In this regard, we stress that you should not buy your tickets and pay hotel bookings before you know that a visa has been granted.

    The Norwegian Visa Hub in Abu Dhabi is currently processing applications as follows:

    Iran: Applications submitted Ultimo February.

    Kindly note that we give priority according to travel dates and our target is to provide an answer prior to departure dates. As long as all the required documents have been submitted, applicants will get an answer prior to the travel date.

    Kindly note that you need to have a prebooked appointment with VFS in order to submit your visa or residence permit applications. Information on how to book appointments can be found at the homepage of VFS Global.

    We also refer to information on the webpages of VFS Global and VFS Helpline.

    Wishing you a very good trip to @visitnorway, with kindest regards

    Royal Norwegian Embassy Abu Dhabi.

  • We are pleased to inform you that, with effect from 15 July 2018, our office will be relocated to
    04th Floor Heravi Centre
    Heravi Square
    Mosavi Street (Golestan 5)
  • Important Notice if you are applying for a Visa or Residence Permit to Norway Click Here
  • Important Notice to Visa Applicants – click here
  • Beware of fraudulent job offers. For more details – click here


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