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Residence Permit

In case that Japanese nationals to stay in Norway for more than 90 days, or when they work in Norway, it is necessary to apply for a residence permit in advance.

  • In general, Residence Permit does not go down when the purpose of the trip is sightseeing or a regular business trip. In such a case, if you are a Japanese national, it would be a good idea to visit Norway using the visa exemption period of 90 days. For other nationals who need a visa for entry to Norway please refer to the page on short-term Schengen visa.
  • When applying for a residence permit, please prepare application document according to the checklist. The checklist for each permission can be found on the UDI homepage. If you are unable to submit required documents, you must have explanation documents stating the reason why you cannot submit such documents.  Applications may be rejected due to inadequate information or documents.
  • All Documents must be submitted in original. If you wish to return the original (family register, translation, contract, certificate etc.), please also prepare a copy of it including your passport with all used pages (such as ID page, visa issuing page, immigration and departure stamp page).
  • When applying for residence permit, you require receiving apostille to the documents which were issued by public institution, such as of birth certificate, marriage certificate, family register, etc. To find out more for Apostille, please click.
  • When applying for a residence permit, all documents must be in Norwegian or English. Since the application documents will be judged in Norway, other than that will be deemed as invalid documents. There are no particular translation agency authorized by Norway MFA,They only accept translation done by authorized agent listed here.. VFS is not currently offering any of translation service from Visa application center.
  • translating agency with translation certificate is generally accepted. VFS is not currently offering any of translation service from Visa application center.