How To Apply

Step 1: 

Find out which visa or residence permit you are going to apply for, and which supporting documents you need to submit together with your application. You will find information about the different visas/permits under Know Your Visa Type. If you click on one of the visa types, you will also find checklists showing which documents you need to submit with your application and relevant forms. 

Step 2:

Customers who wish to apply for a visa or a resident permit are requested to fill in the application form online using the Application Portal Norway. There you create a personal account, fill in the application form for the visa or residence permit required and pay the relevant fee. The fee has to be paid online by credit/debit card (Master Card or Visa). It is also possible for the sponsor in Norway or another person to register the application on behalf of the customer and to pay the application fee.

Note: The Norwegian Embassy and the Norwegian Directorate for Immigration (UDI) cannot handle the application unless the correct fee is paid.

Customers may enjoy other optional services which are available at the Visa Application Centre, such as Travel insurance, courier delivery service, and many others.

Customers are invited to see more details on those services by visiting the Additional Services” menu

Step 3:

Print out the Cover Letter assigned to your application from the Application Portal Norway. The Cover Letter is also sent to the e-mail address registered on the customer. The Cover Letter must be signed by the customer. Cover Letter for minor children must be signed by one of their parents or a legal guardian.

Note: An application without a Cover Letter cannot be submitted. 

Step 4:

Book an appointment at the Norway Visa Application Centre. Only customers for a Business visa can meet without an appointment. However, we also recommend Business customers to book an appointment in order to avoid unnecessary waiting.

Step 5:

Meet personally at the Visa Application Centre in order to submit your application with the supporting documents. Please ensure that you read the Security Regulations carefully and follow mentioned instructions before you visit the Visa Application Centre. 

Find out if you want to make use of any additional services by the Visa Application Centre. If you like, you can for instance have the passport sent by courier after the decision has been made and the Centre can copy documents for you.  

Note: Application fee is only paid online via Application Portal Norway, and Service fees are only paid in cash at the Visa Application Centre. 

Step 6:

Track the status of your application here using the reference number indicated on the receipt issued at the Visa Application Centre.

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