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Schengen Visa (Type C)

A Schengen visa has to be obtained from the Embassy of the country where the MAIN PURPOSE OF TRAVEL lies. Therefore, please check your travel plans before applying at the Norway Visa Application Centre in Dar es Salaam. In case of travel to multiple Schengen countries, please apply to the Embassy of the country where you will be staying for the maximum number of days. If the number of days to be spent in multiple countries is the same, you must apply to the embassy of the country which will be your first point of entry.

If you plan to apply for a Schengen visa at the Norway Visa Application Centre, your main destination and the maximum period of stay in the Schengen area must be mainly in Norway. Please provide proof to support this information.

Note that It is a short term period visa (type "C") with a Maximum length of stay of 90 days