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Visa Application Centers to Poland in Ukraine accept documents for a Schengen and national visa to Poland, Visa Application Centers in Lviv, Uzhgorod and Lutsk additionally accept documents for the LBAT permit.

At the same time, we would like to inform you that anyone applying for a visa has the option of submitting an application directly to the consular office, subject to prior registration on the website

Before arriving at the Visa Application Centers, please go through the provided below Visa Application Process.

Step 1.

Know your visa type and prepare your documents

In case you want to apply for a short period of stay (up to 90 days during the next 180) – you should obtain Schengen visa. In case you would like to apply for a longer period of stay (more than 91 day during the next 365) – you should ask for a national visa. In case you are looking for a Local Border Area card – please click here. Please make sure that you possess all documents required for the visa category selected by you.

Prepare complete set of documents as per requirements prior to the fee payment at the bank.

Step 2.

Check respective Consular Jurisdiction

As per the established rules customers may apply for a national visa to Poland based on the legal registration in a particular Consular region. In case applying for a Schengen visa (not applicable to a visa for work) customers may be legally registered in the other consular region but legally work / study and show a proof of the same while document submission.

Find out more about Consular Jurisdiction here.

Step 3.

Prepay the Service fee

Once you have your documents ready for submission, you have to make a prepayment of the service fee in order to register to Visa Application Centers (VAC) to apply for a visa to Poland. To make a prepayment of the service fee, you can choose one of the below channels:

  1. Online payment through KredoBank* or PrivatBank**. To make an online payment, you need to visit the official website of KredoBank or the official website / mobile application of PrivatBank via "Privat24"

    * To make an online payment on the website of KredoBank, on the page of payment you should press on the "Pay online" button. After that you should fill in all details required for the payment, make an online photo of your face and first main page of your international passport (page where all your personal data is displayed - name, surname, passport number, date of birth etc. and your photo) and wait from the bank for the sms message. Once bank verifies a photo of your face made online and a photo of your face in your international passport, and confirms that a person who is making a payment is the same person who will apply for a visa to the particular passport, you will receive an sms sent to your mobile number with your Payment transaction number (PTN) and the link to the bank receipt as a proof of the payment. If the bank post verification will state that a person who is making a payment is another person who will apply for a visa to the particular passport, your payment will be rejected by the bank.

    ** To make an online payment on the website / mobile application "Privat24" of the PrivatBank, you should go to the "Payments" section, type "VFS" in the field "New Payment" and press "Search" button. After that you should fill in all details required for the payment.

    Once the payment is done successfully, you will receive a receipt as a proof of payment. Please keep this receipt with you when submitting the documents (employee of the Visa application center will ask you to provide him with the receipt).

  2. Visit one of the branches of KredoBank (addresses of branches – click here), Idea Bank (addresses of branches – click here) or PrivatBank (addresses of branches – click here) in person in order to pay the service fee (actual fee rate – click here).

The payment is taken based on the origin of your international passport. In case of registration for spouses/minors, you must provide and proof of relationship.

Prepayment of the Service Fee can be done only in mentioned banks. Payments made in other banks will not be considered and processed for the further appointment scheduling.

While making a payment, you need:

  • Choose respective Visa Application Centre (as per the Consular jurisdiction division based on your address registration).
  • Indicate the actual number of your personal phone.

Please ensure that you give correct and valid contact number. If contact phone number provided is incorrect or does not belong to you, registration will be impossible, and you will have to apply for a refund.

You can make one payment at a time for one person. Multiple payments will not be considered by the system and you will need to take a refund in case there is an appointment for a future date already existing.

Step 4.

Book an appointment

All customers willing to apply for a Schengen or National visa, or LBAT permit card are requested to obtain a prior appointment to the Visa Application Center in the respective Consular region.

Step 5:

Application submission

Visit Visa Application Centre as per appointment scheduled and submit your completed Application Forms along with required supporting documents. On the day of submission of the visa application it is required to provide the original of receipt for the service fee payment.

During documents submission you can order useful additional services:

  • form filling service;
  • courier delivery service of your passport;
  • SMS text message service about your passport readiness;
  • at the Visa Application Centre you have the opportunity to issue an insurance policy;
  • make a high-quality photo;
  • photocopying service;

All additional services are optional.

Step 6:

Pay applicable Visa Fees / LBAT Fees

Submission Officer will advise you on total payable amount and guide you to the bank cashier where you will need to pay all required fees: Visa/LBAT Fee needs to be paid in Euros or in local currency (UAH). In case you order additional services – to pay in local currency (UAH) at the cash desk inside VAC. Separate receipt will be provided for all payments made at the cashier counter.

Step 7:

Biometric enrollment

In case you are applying for C visa, please proceed to the biometric booth for biometric data collection after you pay relevant Visa fee. If you are applying for a D visa you do not need to provide your biometric data.

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