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Now that you have applied for your visa to the Russian Federation, and waiting for your application to be processed, you can track your application status here.

Processing time for your visas can be viewed in your relevant visa category information you have applied for.

Please note that in order to collect your passport at the Visa Application Centre you will need to present the original receipt given to you during the submission, which will be collected from you as a proof of delivery of your passport. Please make sure you have a copy of it if you require it for your records.

As you may have experienced our services and may wish to provide feedback on them, please visit Customer Service.

It is Applicant’s responsibility to check the validity of the visa issued to ensure that it covers the period of stay requested, the number or entries required, and that it is valid for the purpose of trip immediately after collection of your passport.

In case of any errors or misspellings on your visa, please inform us no later than 3 working days after receiving your passport by contacting us here. We will then be able to correct your visa free of charge.

Have a safe journey!