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For detailed information on Citizenship by Descent, including eligibility and document requirements please refer to the Australian Citizenship website.

On 25 February 2015, a change in the Australian Citizenship legislation (The Citizenship (inter-country adoption) Act amendment) was made to allow children adopted through the bilateral adoption program in Taiwan and South Korea to become eligible to apply for Australian citizenship directly after finalisation of the adoption process and the issuance of an adoption compliance certificate.

To find out if you are eligible to make an application through this arrangement, please see the Department of Immigration and Citizenship's website through the links provided below.

Visa Fees

Visa Category Base Visa
Charge (AUD)
Base Visa Application Charge (HKD) Additional
Charge – Over 18 (AUD)
Additional Application Charge – Over 18 (HKD) Additional
Application Charge
– Under 18 (AUD)
Additional Application Charge – Under 18 (HKD)
Australian citizenship by descent - 1st applicant   230   1180 - - - -
Australian citizenship by descent - other siblings applying at the same time 95   500 - - - -

* Fees updated effective from 01 July 2020.

Please refer Visa Pricing Table for more information.

Introduction of Service Fees

From 22 May 2015, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection is moving to a full user-pays model at all biometric Australian Visa Application Centers. This means that the Service Delivery Partner will charge clients a service fee for visa application lodgement and biometric collection. This is in addition to visa application charges. The service fees will be as follows:

Primary Client/Applicant Fee
Application lodgement and biometric collection – Primary applicant HKD 411
Biometric collection only HKD 390
Resident Return visa applications – no biometric required HKD 411

Secondary Client/Applicant Fee
Application lodgement and biometric collection – Secondary applicant HKD 370
Citizenship by Descent HKD 370
Additional document submission – if not accompanied by a letter from the Visa Office HKD 370

For applicants’ convenience, VFS provides additional services to support applicants in the process of their visa application with VFS. Please click here.

How to pay for your visa

Individuals who lodge applications in the Visa Application Centre can pay visa fees in cash or prepare for a bank draft in full amount in HKD. Mail-in applications must prepare for two bank drafts for the full amount in HKD, one for Visa fees and the other for service charge.

Payments using credit cards are processed in Hong Kong Dollars (HKD) only (Visa, Mastercard and UnionPay) at Australian Visa Application Centre. A credit card surcharge will apply to transactions made using Visa, Mastercard or UnionPay for visa fees and service fees.

Mode of Payment: All fee payable in HKD currency only.

  1. Cash (at the Australian Visa Application Centre only)
  2. For Mail in Application 2 separate Bank Draft-

    • Visa Fee payable to "Australian Consulate General Hong Kong" in HKD
    • Service/Additional Services Fee payable to " Glory Visa Consulting Company Limited" 
  3. Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard and UnionPay) at the Australian Visa Application Centre only. A credit card surcharge will apply to transactions made using Visa, Mastercard and UnionPay for visa & service fee.

Please Note For Payment via Credit Cards:

  • Physical card has to be swiped at the counter for payment.
  • Payment by credit card will be in Hong Kong Dollars only. (Credit card statements for applicants will list as Australian Visa Application Centre)

Visa pricing arrangements have taken effect as part of a change to Australia’s visa pricing model. Further information on the changes to visa pricing is available at:

Documents Required

For guidance on documents please click on the below links:
click here

Photo Specifications

Two passport-sized photograph (please attach to the form). NB - ID photos that have been digitally enhanced or altered to improve or change appearance or remove distinguishing features are not acceptable. As the photos are required for identity purposes, if they do not represent your true appearance, your visa application may be delayed if you need to be asked to provide new photos. The photos should also meet normal passport size and pose (front on head and shoulders, no facial coverings or sunglasses).

photo specification

Processing Time

Visa Processing Time Service Standards

The link below show the processing time service standards for different types of visa applications:

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Download Form

For Downloading the forms please check on the below link:

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