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Resident Return


Who should apply?

Resident Return (subclass 155/157):

Permanent residents of Australia need to have a valid visa in order to be able to return to Australia. The initial visa issued to new migrants is valid for multiple entries to Australia for a period of five years. If this visa has expired, and you have not acquired Australian citizenship, you will need to apply for a Resident Return visa in order to return to Australia.

The Resident Return visa is generally valid for 5 years. However, if you are unable to satisfy the legislative requirements for grant of a 5 year Resident Return visa you will be considered against the legislative requirements for a 3 month Resident Return visa.

Re-evidencing a Resident Return visa.

A valid Resident Return visa, which is in a lost or expired passport, can be re-evidenced into a new passport. You are required to submit a completed application form (Use Latest) and pay the appropriate processing fee.

Visa Fees

Visa Category Base Visa
Charge (AUD)

Base Visa
Charge (LKR)

Charge – Over 18 (AUD)

Application Charge
– Over 18 (LKR)

Application Charge
– Under 18 (AUD)

Application Charge
– Under 18 (LKR)

Resident Return Visa

  405 52000   - - - -

Resident Return – Non-internet Application Charge

80 10300   - - - -

*Fees updated effective from 01 January 2020.

Please refer Visa Pricing Table for more information.

Introduction of Service Fees

From 18 May 2015, the Department of Home Affairs is moving to a full user-pays model at all biometric Australian Visa Application Centers. This means that the Service Delivery Partner will charge clients a service fee for visa application lodgement and biometric collection. This is in addition to visa application charges. The service fees will be as follows:

Primary Client/Applicant Fee
Application lodgement and biometric collection – Primary applicant LKR 2,037
Biometric collection only LKR 1,935
Resident Return visa applications – no biometric required LKR 2,037
Secondary Client/Applicant Fee
Application lodgement and biometric collection – Secondary applicant LKR 1,426
Additional document submission – if not accompanied by a letter from the Visa Office LKR 1,426

*Service fees are subject to change & inclusive of taxes.

How to pay for your visa

Visa fee payment should be made using a "Bank Draft" made payable to the Australian High Commission . Visa fees must be in Sri Lankan rupees and drawn against a Sri Lankan bank. The visa office cannot accept bank drafts in Australian Dollars or bank drafts drawn against an Australian bank or any other non-Sri Lankan bank.

Documents Required

For more information please click here.

Photo Specifications

Two passport-sized photograph (please attach to the form). NB - ID photos that have been digitally enhanced or altered to improve or change appearance or remove distinguishing features are not acceptable. As the photos are required for identity purposes, if they do not represent your true appearance, your visa application may be delayed if you need to be asked to provide new photos. The photos should also meet normal passport size and pose (front on head and shoulders, no facial coverings or sunglasses).



For the current average processing time of visa application kindly click here.

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