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Airport Transit (Visa A)


For current airport transit visa requirements and exemptions (e.g. Green Card holders) please refer to the website of the European Commission - Migration and Home Affairs .

Whether you are required to apply for a Schengen airport transit visa or not depends on your nationality.

Citizens of some countries must hold an airport transit visa when transiting through the international parts of airports situated in any of the Schengen States, while citizens of certain countries must hold an airport transit visa when transiting through the international parts of airports situated in some of the Schengen States.

PLEASE NOTE: If you need to go through passport control (this is the case when you travel from one Schengen airport to another Schengen airport) or if you have to stay overnight in Vienna, you must apply for a Schengen Visa (Visa C).

Visa Fees

Please click here for Visa Fee information.

Documents Required

Important: You will need to complete the Registration Process first. You cannot submit only the application form and or checklist. Review the steps to apply carefully to ensure you submit a completed application set. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Document Checklist

Airport Transit Visa A

Travel insurance is mandatory for all Schengen countries. If you have not purchased, please click here

Photo Specifications


Please provide one recent (not older than 6 months) colour photograph of yourself, meeting the following requirements:

  • Taken against a plain light (white or off-white) background so that features are distinguishable and contrast against the background
  • Clear quality and with the face in focus
  • Full face: non-smiling, no sunglasses, no hat/cap or any head covering, unless the applicant wears such items because of his/her religious belief or ethnic background
  • Printed on normal photographic paper (camera print)
  • Photograph attached (glued) to the Visa Application Form

If the photographs presented do not meet these requirements (see examples here), then the visa application will be considered incomplete and applicant will be asked to take new photographs in the photo booth in the visa application centre.

Processing Time

Applications are processed in the order of receipt. Processing usually takes 15 business days from receipt by the Embassy of a complete application. If further checks are necessary, the processing time may increase to 45 calendar days.This estimate excludes the shipping of applications to the Embassy and the return of passports to applicants. The Embassy does NOT provide status updates on visa applications.

The visa application cannot be submitted more than 6 months prior to departure and has to be lodged not later than 15 calendar days before the intended start of the trip. Otherwise the application is inadmissible.


Processing times for applicants of the following countries may take a minimum of 3 weeks. Please be aware that the processing time can take longer in certain cases.

Afghanistan Algeria Bangladesh Democratic Republic
of Congo
Democratic People’s 
Republic of Korea
Egypt Ghana Indonesia
Iraq Iran Jordan Kazakhstan
Lebanon Libya Liberia Mali
Morocco Mauritania Niger Nigeria
Pakistan Palestine Philippines Ruanda
Saudi Arabia Somalia Sri Lanka Sudan (North Sudan)
South Sudan Syria Togo Tunisia
Yemen - - -


Furthermore applicants need to consider that VFS/Mission’s closures and holidays (see Public Holidays/Closures) may extend the visa application processing time.

Applicants submitting their visa application in our satellite centre in Miami and Houston TX, need to calculate 2 extra days to their minimum processing time as their visa application will first be dispatched to the Embassy of Austria.

The Mission may always request for additional information/documents or invite applicants for an interview during the visa application process and this may cause delays in the visa process, which applicants accept responsibility for.