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Visa Fees At A Glance

Visa fee for the application processing is 80 euro Visa fee for children at the age of more than 6 years old and less than 12 years –40 euros Citizens of the countries with which the EU signed the agreement on simplification of a visa regime pay 35 euros (payment accepts in Kyrgyzstani Som).

Consulate fee exempted:

  • Children under the 6 years old;
  • Family members of citizens of the European Union / European economic space according to the Directive 2004/38/EU.

For the more detailed information you can obtain in to the consulate of the country of the Schengen Agreement, where you would like to submit the visa application form.

If you submit the visa application form through the Visa Center, providing the services to you, please be necessary to pay the service fee in the amount of 30 euros (payment is accepted in Kyrgyzstani Som).

In case of the refusal of visa application the consular and service fee’s doesn't return.


The net banknotes which aren't damaged, not fragmentary, not crumpled, without foreign seals, records, smudges, spots, and punctures are accepted.