Visa Fees at a Glance

The Visa Fee for the applicable visa type is listed in the table below. The fee mentioned is applicable per applicant.

Visa Category General Rule Visa fee in Euros Visa Fee in AED
Short stay

(less than 90 days)
Spouse/partner and Children (under the age of 18) of EU and Swiss citizens

0 0
Children under 6 years

0 0
Nationals from the Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Kosovo, Moldova, Ukraine and Russia Federation

35 143.5
Children from the age of 6 and below the age of 12

35 143.5
All other applicants

60 246
Legalization 20 82
Long stay

(more than 90 days)
Spouse/partner and Children (under the age of 21) of EU and Swiss citizens

0 0
Nationals from : Israel, San Marino, Japan, Morocco and Turkey

0 0
Students in the programs of Erasmus Mundus, Lotus and Tempus.

0 0
Students with scholarship from the Belgian State (Federal State or Regional Authorities) (like DGCD, VLIR, etc.); from Belgian Universities and Belgian High Schools and from European Commission or European Institutions.

0 0
Researchers who have a scholarship from a Belgian University (including researchers who have signed a “gastovereenkomst – convention d’accueil”)

0 0
All other applicants
180 738
Administrative fees for long stay Click here for more information or download PDF

Please Note:

  • The applicable visa fee in AED is as per the current exchange rate of the Embassy of Belgium in the United Arab Emirates. It is subject to change without notice due to sudden foreign exchange fluctuations.
  • The visa fee is non-refundable.
  • Visa Fees and other charges can be paid in cash and in local currency only

Service Charges and other Optional services

Service Charges and other optional services Visa Fee in AED Remarks
(all applicable taxes included)
Premium Lounge Fees 315 Optional Service
Prime Time 189 Optional Service
Assisted Form Filling 52.50 Optional Service
Courier Fees 42 Optional Service
Photograph service 26.25 Optional Service
SMS Fees 8.40 Optional Service
Document Printing service 5.25 Optional Service
Photocopy service 2.10 Optional Service
Service Fees (payable at the time of appointment scheduling) 107.5 For each application

Please Note:

  • All charges are payable in local currency and in cash only.
  • Service Fees are payable online at the time of scheduling an appointment, except for applicants applying for Schengen visa as Family of Belgian / EU Spouse who can pay the charges in cash while applying.
  • Above charges are non-refundable