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To apply for a visa to Croatia the applicant must determine the visa category. Visa category should be fully consistent with the purpose of the trip. Neither Visa Application Centres nor a call centre is permitted to advice in the selection of the visa type.

After determining the visa category the applicant is preparing a package of documents.

Below you can find is a list of existing categories of visas. For detailed information on the required documents for the visa category you have selected, please click on the type of visa:

Tourist: This visa category is intended for applicants who plan to visit Croatia for tourism. Please click.

Business visit: This type of visa caters to people who tend to visit Croatia for business with a commercial purpose of stay. Please click.

Family or friends visit: To use this visa are eligible those applicants who wish to visit relatives or friends who legally reside in Croatia. The applicant must provide evidence that he / she belong to this category. Please click.

Cultural/Sports events/Study: For persons who wish to travel to Croatia in order to attend cultural/sports events/education. Please click.

Official visit: This type of visa caters to people who tend to visit Croatia for an official delegation visit. These applicants are the members of official delegations who plan to participate in meetings, consultations, negotiations or exchange programs. Applicant will have to provide evidence that he/she falls under this category. Please click.

Medical treatment: People who travel to Croatia for medical treatment. Please click