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    24 August 2019

    The Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in Cairo hereby kindly request from the clients, Croatian visa applicants, to pay the visa fees directly to the Embassy's account no:

    Our account No.: Credit Agricole Egypt Bank
    In USD is : 0 0 0 2 1 1 1 0 0 0 4 5 8 4
    Money transfer (the best with swift) : Swift code: A G R l E G C X
    Telephone of the bank: (+202) 273 80 178
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    30 July 2017

    Please note that after applying for Croatian visa at the VFS center in Lebanon, the passport transfer from Lebanon to Cairo (closest Croatian Embassy) and back, is the sole responsibility of the applicant.

    Under no circumstances, the Croatian Embassy or VFS will be responsible for the transfer of the passport or any delays caused by postal agencies or custom authorities that may withhold your passport on the boarders of Lebanon or Egypt.

    Signing of the “Declaration form for the passport transfer” will be required for the submission of the visa application for Croatia in VFS center in Lebanon.

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    13 June 2015

    Minimum funds to cover estimated stay in the Republic of Croatia are:

    * 70 Euro per day - to support oneself during the stay in Croatia and to return to the state of residence or to travel to a third state

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    13 June 2015

    * 30 Euro per day - for an applicant holding Guarantee Letter for private or business visit indicating covered accommodation OR proof of fully paid hotel booking, tourist package or a similar document

    Exceptionally, if a visitor has a certified Letter of Guarantee from a natural or legal person from Croatia showing that the guarantor is fully accepting all the expenses related to visiting and departing from Croatia, (s)he shall be exempt from the requirement to present the proof of having sufficient funds available.

    Important notes about the visa process

    • Please note that you may be required to come / called on the phone for a personal interview with the visa officer at the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in Cairo prior to a decision being made on your application.
    • Embassy also reserves the right to ask for additional supporting documents during the visa application process.
    • Submitting a visa application, including all the required documents, does not automatically mean that the visa will be issued.
    • An issued visa is not a guarantee that a foreign citizen will be permitted to enter the Republic of Croatia. On every crossing of the border, the police may require the foreign citizen to present a photocopy of the Letter of Guarantee in case of both private and business visits, and it is therefore recommendable to carry the Letter of Guarantee, as well as the proof of having sufficient funds, in hand baggage.
    • The decision to refuse a visa, indicating reasons for such a decision, shall be delivered to the applicant in a visa refusal/annulment/revocation form.
    • A foreign citizen may file a complaint against the decision to refuse a visa through the competent Embassy/Consulate of the Republic of Croatia, within 15 days from the date of receipt of the decision on visa refusal/annulment/revocation. The complaint shall be filed in Croatian. The fee for non-European countries is EUR 26 or US$ 35, according to Section 78b of the Law on Administrative Fees.
    • The visa application fee is non-refundable once the application has been accepted at the Embassy.
    • An Embassy/Consular Post may invite the applicant to an interview; require him/her to submit further documents and/or certified translation as well as the international certification (apostille) of the documents.
    • Any falsification of the documents and the use of such documents may be subject to criminal prosecution.