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Additional Services


The additional services given on this page are provided by visa service centers and the prices given are in addition to the visa application fee. These additional services can be purchased at the visa application center when you attend your appointment.

Note: All the below stated services are purely optional. All fees are paid in RUB as per the Consulate exchange rate.

Premium Lounge Service in the Visa Application Centre of Croatia in Moscow and Kaliningrad

Overview: The Premium Lounge service is available for those customers who would like to experience a dedicated service. This service provides the following amenities:

  • A separate Premium Lounge
  • Stylish surroundings with complimentary refreshments
  • Free photocopying service for your documents
  • Increasing working hours: 09:00 to 18:00

Fees: 70 Euro in Moscow and 50 Euro in Kaliningrad – to be paid at the time of application submission. This charge is over and above the visa fee

How to book? (By appointment only):

  • If you decide to use this service in Moscow, you should book an Appointment. Please, call us +7 (495) 269 -22-00 from 09:00 to 17:00 (Monday-Friday), providing your name & surname, contact number, desired date of submission and specifying that the application to be submitted is for a visa to Croatia.

  • If you want to make an appointment to Kaliningrad VIP please call +7(499) 703 49 86/+7(499) 704 36 97 or mail us Please be ready to provide your name & surname, contact number, desired date of submission and specifying that the application to be submitted is for a visa to Croatia.

    Important Note: Using the Premium Lounge service will not influence the visa processing time, visa issuance or the duration of the visa. As for every traveler, your visa will be processed and decided by the Embassy of Croatia in Moscow.

Courier after Submission:

Overview: You can opt for the courier service to receive your passport in the address that you provide.

Fees Price list mentioned here

Applicants have the option to pay by cash / online (in selected regions). For payments via online, please follow the instructions as mentioned on this link,

How to Book?

To request the service please call:

Moscow - +7 (495) 959 66 31

Novosibirsk - +7 (495) 955 19 77

Rostov - +7 (495) 955 19 77

Krasnodar - +7 (495) 955 19 77

Saratov - +7 (495) 955 19 77

Nizhniy Novgorod - +7 (495) 955 19 77

Krasnoyarsk - +7 (495) 955 19 77

Novosibirsk - +7 (495) 955 19 77

To request for this service online, please click here.

Visa @ Your Doorstep

If you are busy at work or simply cannot visit the Visa Application Center, we are pleased to offer our new service "Visa @ your doorstep". To know the price* and/or request this service please Click here and our representative will visit you at an address convenient to you for collecting your documents.

* Please note fees for Visa @Your Doorstep service DO NOT include the Visa Fees and VFS Service Fee for processing of the application.

Price for the service:

Number of applications Fee in Euro
1 100
2 180
3 255
4 – 10 333
11 – 15 483
16 – 20 600
21 – 25 733
26 – 30 834
31 – 35 967
36 – 40 1067

Important Note: Using the Visa at Your Doorstep services will not influence the visa processing time, visa issuance or the duration of the visa.

Personal Assistance service

You can apply for a visa in a more QUICKER, PERSONALIZED and COMFORTABLE manner.

A VIP counter to submit your application without any waiting –

  • ASSISTANCE with filling Visa Application Form and associated documentation
  • PRIORITY submission for all services right from payment to submission and biometrics
  • MINIMAL wait times for the applicants
  • PAYMENT through credit or debit card

Personal Assistance service will be offered at a charge of 50 Euros per application

This charge is over and above the visa fee, service fee or any other additional service charges as availed by the visa applicant.

You can avail this service by calling Call-Center number +7 499 703 4985 +7 499 704 5582 or while submission at the Visa Center.

SMS text message service

Overview: The SMS Text Message service offered at the Visa Centers can be availed at the time when you submit your application. There are 3 texts which are included in this package that will keep you up-to-date on the status of your application at different stages – without you having to come to the Visa Centre or checking online through the website. Please note that the number you provide when choosing this service must be correct otherwise there will be a delivery failure in the texts.

Fees: The cost of this entire package is 150 rub.

How to book?

Please ask your Visa Centre agent for more details on this service at the time of submitting your application. Please read the SMS Service Disclaimer carefully before applying for this service This service is available in all the visa service centres

Booking changes help

Overview: The Requirement from the Embassy is that the applicant should provide booking conformation with mentioning of all Names and Surnames of the applicants in this document. In case if you brought the booking conformation from the web-site we can offer you to reprint it with the complete information mentioning all applicants who are going to stay/travel with you

Fees: 240 Rubles (Inclusive of VAT).


Fees: 35 Rubles per page

Photograph service

Due to the stringent requirements around the Photo required for your application, we recommend you utilize the photo services available inside the Visa Application Center. This will provide you assurance that your application is submitted with the photograph that meets the specifications and will be acceptable to the Embassy. You will have ready photographs in 45 seconds.

The cost of the service is 360 RUB for 6 photographs.

How to book:
This service can be booked at the visa application centre upon your arrival.

Application form filling

Overview: Our consultants of Service Visa Center of Croatia can fill in your visa application form.

Fees: 400 Rubles.

Courier service

Overview: You can choose to have your passport couriered back to your address by choosing this service at the time you submit your application. Our agents in the center will collect the required address from you and your passport will be returned through DHL/Fox Express courier service. Please note that any errors in the address given would result in the contents not being delivered on-time or correctly.

Fees: The charges below in the table are in Rubles and are inclusive of VAT.

For DHL service from Moscow

For DHL service from Saint Petersburg

For DHL service from Ekaterinburg

Medical Insurance

Overview: Applicants can now buy a medical insurance policy for travelling abroad in our Crevice - Visa Center.

Internet kiosk

Overview : You will find internet corners in our visa application centres. This allows accessing websites of the German Embassy Moscow, the visa application centres and e.g. flight booking websites or your e-mail inbox. You can print application forms, flight and hotel bookings or other files.

Fees: free of charge

Rostov-on-Don 25 rub
Novosibirsk 25 rub
Krasnoyarsk 25 rub
Krasnodar  ✓ 25 rub
Irlutsk 25 rub
Khabarovsk 25 rub
Nizhny Novgorod - 25 rub +
Kaliningrad -
Saratov  ✓
Murmansk -
St. Petersburg