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General Information


Lebanese Applicants and/or others:

  1. Valid Passport  or Travel Document (valid for a minimum of 3 months on date of return to Lebanon)
  2. Copy of passport
  3. 2 passport photos
  4. Employment letter
  5. Hotel Reservation OR “Assumption of Responsibility for Hosting”, if applicant will not reside at a hotel (it can be found at:
  6. Bank Statement of last three (3) months
  7. For business travel purposes:  Invitation Letter by the Host Company
  8. Under age children (below 18), that intend to enter Cyprus unaccompanied, should present a statement signed by both parents and stamped by the mayor of their area.  If children are accompanied by one parent only, the authorization of the other parent is required.

University Students:

  1. University ID or University letter of enrollment.
  2. Bank Statement of the parent, if student does not have a bank account.

Domestic Staffs (housekeepers, nannies, drivers etc) that accompany their employer:

  1. Valid residence  permit
  2. Valid work permit
  3. Travel insurance

For non-Lebanese passport holders :

The validity of the residence permit should exceed three (3) months after applicant’s scheduled return from Cyprus


  1. Possession of airline tickets and/or hotel reservations does not guarantee the granting of an entry visa.  travel arrangements and hotel

    Accommodation costs are solely at the applicant’s risk.

  2. The embassy reserves the right to request additional documents if and when deemed necessary.

General Information

  1. Holders of Lebanese Diplomatic, Special and Service passports:

    No visa is required to enter Cyprus

  2. UN International Staff, holders of UN Blue Passport (issued either in New York or Geneva):

    No visa is required to enter Cyprus

  3. UNIFIL Staff holders of UNIFIL ID card:

    No visa is required to enter Cyprus

  4. Holders of a valid, double and/or multiple entries Schengen visa:

    Do not need a visa to enter Cyprus, even if Schengen visa is not previously used to enter another country

The Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus to Lebanon is located at the following address:

Charles Malek Avenue

30 Rmeil Building (above CEDRUS Bank)

2nd and 3rd Floor

Achrafieh - Beirut

Tel: (+961) 01/213063

Fax: (+961) 01/201597



Applicants are kindly requested to present their visa applications well in advance in order to avoid last minute problems that may arise.