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Additional Services

Additional services given on this page are provided by the Visa Application Centre and the prices given are in addition to the service fee. These additional services can be purchased at the Visa Application Centre while submitting your application.

Visa Application Form Filling Service (12 BYN per application form)

The form filling service is voluntary and is not related to the general help and information to the applicant which remains free of charge. The form filling service is no prerequisite to the completeness of the application and does not influence the decision on the application. The Visa Application Centre cannot be responsible for the outcome of the visa application.

Please note: if you want to use this service when submitting documents to the Visa Application Center you should provide details of the alleged place of residence in Denmark for the form filling.

Courier Service (15 BYN per one passport)

You can choose to have your passport delivered back to your address by choosing this service while submitting your application. Our employees in the Visa Application Centre will collect the required address from you and your passport will be returned through a courier service.

Service (5 BYN for each application)

The SMS service offered at the Visa Application Centre can be availed when submitting your application. If you avail this service, you will receive an SMS once your processed passport is ready for collection. Please ask VAC staff for more details on this service at the time of submitting your application. Please note that the number you provide when choosing this service must be correct in order to receive the SMS delivery.

Photo Service (10 BYN)

You can make a photo for your application form in the Visa Application Center.

Premium Lounge Service (170 BYN per application).

The Premium Lounge service is available for those applicants who would like to experience a dedicated service in a comfortable lounge and includes the following:

  • comfortable atmosphere;
  • special assistance offered by Visa Application Centre employee;
  • printing and photocopying facility;
  • tea/coffee, soft drinks and refreshments;
  • television, magazines and newspapers;
  • dedicated information helpdesks via phone and e-mails;
  • the ability to pay for all services in the premium lounge avoiding the common cashier desks
  • filling in the visa application form.

If you decide to use this service, you should book an Appointment. Please, send us an email to , providing name & surname, contact number and desired date of submission. You may also contact our Helpdesk between 09:00 and 17:00 (Monday to Friday) on + 375 17 3022767.

Important Note: Using the Premium Lounge service will not influence the visa processing time, visa issuance or the duration of the visa. Visa and Service fees and all the other additional services provided by the Visa Application Center are not included in this price.

Prime Time service (60 BYN per application).

If you don’t have an opportunity to apply for a visa during the Visa Application Centre working hours, you may schedule an appointment after the usual working hours with the Prime Time service.

All applicants wishing to apply for a Denmark Schengen visa after the working hours can schedule an appointment to the Visa Centre in Minsk from 16-00 to 19-00 ( Monday-Friday, except Holidays)

To schedule a prime time appointment, please, call +375 17 388 02 90 or write to us on You may also book an appointment by coming to the Visa Center and approaching the Visa Center staff.

Please note, that the appointment should be scheduled until 16:00 of the day prior to the expected submission date.

The cost of this service is 55 BYN. Visa and Service fees and all the other additional services provided by the Visa Application Center are not included in this price.

Photocopy (1,2 BYN per one sheet)

If desired applicants can purchase photocopy directly at the Visa Application Center.

Important Information:

Using these services does not mean your visa application will be processed more quickly or that you will be issued a visa. Your visa application will be processed in the normal way by the Consular Department of the Embassy of Denmark in Moscow.

All services listed above are purely optional.

All additional services are paid only in the Visa Application Center in the national currency (BYN) in cash. All service charges are inclusive of 20% VAT.

Embassies General and Visa Application Centre warn applicants of taking assistance and consultations from any kind of unauthorized agents. We recommend to avoid such actions and shall not assume any responsibility for information and services provide by such agents.

Medical insurance

Customers can purchase medical insurance directly at the Visa Application Center. This service is not mandatory and provided only by the request of the customers.