News and Notices

  • 28 April 2016

    IT problems regarding visas

    The Danish representations abroad and the Danish Immigration Service cannot currently process visa applications due to a malfunction in the electronic visa system VIS at The Agency for Governmental IT Services that supports the IT systems of the Danish Ministry of Immigration, Integration and Housing

    Due to a malfunction in the electronic visa system VIS, it is currently not possible to process visa applications or to issue visas at the Danish missions abroad or at the Danish Immigration Service. Furthermore, it is not possible to perform digital control of visa holders at Denmark's external Schengen borders.

    It is currently not possible to say anything about when the IT problems have been solved.

    The relevant authorities are in close contact and have already implemented a series of temporary solutions to deal with the situation.

    We will continuously report on the status of the processing of visa applications at

    The IT problems affect both the case handling systems and the digital visa self-service solutions. Thus, it is not currently possible to use the digital forms for visa invitations available on

    The IT problems affect the following self-service solutions:

    VU1 online: Invitation to apply for business visa

    VU2 online: Invitation to apply for a visa for private visit

    VF1 online: Pre-approval of a business

    VF2 online: Invitation of a business associate requiring a visa

    Please note that VU1 and VU2 are instead available in paper form at The paper forms must be completed by hand in block letters or on a computer, printed out and sent to the person who should be invited. One form must be completed for each person to be invited. The visa applicant must bring the invitation to the representation abroad where the application should be submitted. The visa application cannot however be processed until after the IT problems have been solved.

  • New Outsourcing Partner

    Our new outsourcing partner is VFS Global.

    VFS Global will be accepting applications for Denmark from their offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland from Monday the 8th of September. Appointments for the 8th of September and onwards can be booked with VFS Global from the 1st of September either by telephone or through their website, which will go live on the 1st or 2nd of September. A link to their website will be provided here.

    Should you have any questions to the information above, please do not hesitate to contact the Danish Consulate General in Sydney.