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Welcome to the website for Danish Visa Application Center managed by VFS Global. VFS Global is a commercial company, working as a privately-run service company, authorized by the Embassy of Denmark to provide the users with complete information on procedure and requirements for visa and to collect the visa applications. However, any assessment and decision on visa is taken by the Embassy only. Please visit the website of the Danish mission for more information

Step 2 Before you decide to apply for a visa please make sure you familiarize yourself with the information on the visa subclass you are applying for. Quick links to information on visa categories and other helpful information including Visa Fee, VFS Service Charge and Processing Time can be found on the Visa Wizard page on this website.

Step 3 Applicants should fill the Visa Application Form corresponding to the visa subclass under which they wish to lodge their application. Applicants can get the visa application form by visiting the nearest Denmark Visa Application Centre or by downloading the forms from Applications and Forms.

  • Due to the current entry restrictions to Denmark, all Danish visa application centers are closed. Applicants who have handed in their visa application prior to 20 March 2020 will have their case processed. For more information visit the website of the relevant Danish mission.”
  • As stated in the text of the website of the Embassy, it will still be possible for applicants with an URGENT purpose to apply for a visa directly at the Danish mission (both for Iceland and Denmark). An urgent purpose covers when travel date is before 14 April 2020, and that the applicant has a worthy purpose (e.g. travelers who are either parents or primary caretakers (e.g. foster parents) of minors residing in Denmark, visits to critically ill family members, persons who are in the process of a medical treatment in Denmark, persons who are attending a funeral in Denmark, and persons who will be part of a court case in Denmark). To be granted a visa, the applicant also need to present a flight (or other type of transportation) reservation, which in the current situation could become increasingly difficult.
  • Increased fees for visa applications

    Please note: As of 02 February 2020 the Schengen visa fee per person (Short Stay Visa) will increase from 60 to 80 euros or the equivalent amount in your local currency. For children between 6-12 years old the visa fee will increase to 40 euros or equivalent

  • Due to limited slots, we recommend you to kindly check the appointment availability at VFS before making any flight and hotel reservations or paying any moneys online.
  • Beware of fraudulent job offers. For more details – click here


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