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Visa Application Center caters to applications for Long term Visas (for all customers).

General passport requirements:

An international passport or official travel document should be not older than 10 years from the date of issue (including any extension of passport validity) and valid for at least another three months after departure from the territory of the Schengen countries and contain at least 2 blank pages to affix the visa.

In the section ā€œLong term visaā€ you may choose the travel purpose of your trip to Denmark. Please prepare your documents according to the chosen purpose of travel.

Before applying at Visa Application Center you also have the opportunity to have the presence of all required documents checked by theVisa Application staff. Please note, in case you submit an incomplete set of documents, it may lead to a refusal of your visa. Therefore, you are advised to use this opportunity and to complete your set of documents if required.

Dear customers!

Please note that Effective 1 August 2018 Visa Application Center will not accept applications for Short-term Schengen visas of type ā€œCā€

If you wish to visit Denmark for a short period of time, you must obtain a visa prior to entry if you come from a country* with a visa requirement for entering Denmark.

A visa is only intended to allow a foreign national to visit Denmark and/or the other Schengen countries** for a limited period of time. If you wish to reside in Denmark for an extended period of time, you need to apply for a residence permit. If the immigration authorities suspect that you intend to seek permanent or long-term residency in Denmark or another Schengen country, your visa application will be turned down.

Please click here to find and calculate the number of days you want to stay in the Schengen countries.