Customer Experience

At VFS Global we are committed to delivering a world class service. To help achieve this, feedback from our customers is of the utmost importance and the process enables applicants to reach the organization at any point. Customers can be assured that all feedback received is valuable and receives our full and complete attention


Positive feedback is of course welcome and is considered a compliment. It is used as an objective way of assessing the recognition of staff through rewards . Such appreciation is always encouraging and helps to contribute to motivating our teams to set even higher standards.

Customers can submit their compliments or appreciation of the service they have received by selecting the following link to initiate the process

Please click here to initiate the feedback process



  1. Compliment for the service/ member of staff
  2. VFS Global Customer Support team receives the compliment
  3. The member of staff receives a certificate of appreciation


Constructive feedback is regarded as a complaint and an opportunity for continuous improvement. We assure a timely response and resolution of the grievance in accordance with the organization’s complaint handling procedure.


Customers can submit their complaint or constructive feedback by selecting either of the following links:

  • To submit feedback online for first time – click here
  • In the event that the response provided is not satisfactory – click here


  1. Feedback received about service / staff
  2. Customer Support team receives the complaint
  3. The feedback is shared with the relevant supervisor
  4. The supervisor investigates the complaint and will respond with a resolution. If the response provided is not satisfactory, customers may ask for the feedback to be readdressed.

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