Medical Visa


Medical Visa applications can be made at any Visa Facilitation Centre in South Africa. Please note that a medical permit holder may not work or apply for work while in the country.

Documents Required

    • Duly completed online form. Handwritten forms will not be accepted by Department of Home Affairs.
    • Valid passport which expires in no less than 30 days after expiry of the intended date of departure from the Republic
    • The application is being submitted in person, no less than 60 days prior to the expiry date of the applicant’s visa and if the visa was issued for less than 30 days, not later than seven working days before the expiry of the visa.
    • A letter from the applicant's registered medical practitioner or medical institution within the Republic, confirming-
      1. That space is available at the medical institution;
      2. The estimated costs of the treatment;
      3. Whether or not the disease or ailment is treatable or curable;
      4. The treatment schedule; and
      5. The period of intended treatment in the Republic.
    • The details of, and confirmation by, the person or institution responsible for the medical expenses and hospital fees: (Provided that in a case where the applicant's medical scheme or employer is not liable for expenses incurred, proof of financial means to cover medical costs).
    • The particulars of the persons accompanying the applicant
    • A valid return air flight ticket, where applicable
    • Proof of sufficient financial means or provision for the costs indirectly related to the treatment.
    • Proof of payment of the applicable fee


    • Except in the case of medical treatment OR if the applicant is the spouse or dependent child of the holder of a business or work visa, the holder of a port of entry visa, visitor's visa and medical treatment visa may not apply for a change of conditions or status of an existing visa, unless he or she is in possession of a letter issued on behalf of the Minister of Home Affairs that good cause had been demonstrated for the submission of such an application.
    • A medical treatment visa may be issued for a maximum period of (6) six months at a time

Processing Time

The Department of Home Affairs is committed to the following turnaround times for specific categories of visas and permits:

Permanent residence finalized within 8 months (Only for extra-ordinary skills, general work and business applications)

Temporary Residence visa applications for Business and general work visas will be finalized within 8 weeks or less (40 working days) and

Temporary Residence visa applications for Critical skills work visas will be finalized within 4 weeks or less (20 working days).

All other categories for Temporary Residence visa applications will be finalised in 60 working days from date of submission at VFS (renewals, change of conditions, extensions. Not applicable to Appeals)

All other categories for permanent residence permit applications will be finalised between 12 months to 24 months from date of submission at VFS.

You can track your application online on VFS Global website to determine status of your application.

Visa Fees


DHA Application Fee

VFS Service Fee

Medical Visa



Premium Lounge (Optional Service)



All fees are inclusive of VAT and to be paid in South African Rand. Above listed fees are non-refundable once the application is received by VFS Global and Department of Home Affairs.

Once all supporting documentation is available as per the documentary checklist kindly proceed to complete the online application form. You will be required to pre-pay a minimum amount of R1350 in order to secure and schedule your appointment online.

Payment to secure your online appointment can be made in three methods:

  • Online payment via Debit/Credit card through the secure online portal
  • Pre-payment at Standard Bank by downloading and completing the online generated bank receipt and depositing the cash into the nearest Standard Bank
  • EFT payment through the secure online portal

Note- When selecting the pre-payment option, after payment has been done you are required to visit your online application form after 3 working days to proceed to schedule your appointment.