Refund Process

Online Refund Submission Process

Submit your refund online in 6 simple steps

Step 1:

Read the Refund Policy and Refund Supporting Documents Checklist before completing the refund request, link mentioned

Step 2:

Logon to your profile

Using the same details used to apply

Click the Refund button for the application reference to be refunded

Step 3:

Fill all the required details correctly on the application form.

Insert the number 0 (zero) for any fields that do not apply, as all fields need to have a mandatory input

Step 4:

Upload all supporting documents as mentioned on the Refund Policy and Supporting Documents Checklist

Step 5:

Click Submit

  • A message “Do you wish to submit the refund form – Yes and No buttons will be displayed. Click on Yes and following message is displayed
  • "The Refund request has been submitted successfully. Payment should reflect in 20 working days subject to VFS Global approval.”

Step 6:

An automatic trigger email with a refund form PDF attachment is sent to your email to confirm a successful refund submission


  • Save and close the form, to complete when required.

VFS Global Important Notice for Online Refund Submissions

Password protected documents

Please share the password that was provided with your appointment letter, once again this is to ensure your refund request is processed seamlessly.

Banking details confirmation required

Please include a bank account number confirmation letter, in the mail sent with supporting documents this is to ensure your refund request is processed seamlessly.

Additionally, kindly note the below important points when requesting a refund:

  • All refund requests are subject to VFS Global’s refund disclaimer/policy and requirements checklist
  • All fields are mandatory and incomplete information will delay the processing of your refund.
  • Email all documents you have already successfully uploaded via your online profile, and any additional required documents, to the email within 24 hours of submitting your online refund request successfully.
  • Ensure the original proof of payment for the incorrect and correct application are submitted with your refund request
  • All payments will only be paid into a South African Banking Account for payment received using pre-payment at bank or EFT options
  • No payments will be done to a credit card number provided unless it was used for online payment.
  • Kindly ensure your email subject line contains the application reference number.
    This is for ease of reference and will ensure your refund request is processed seamlessly. Example TRV1234567 Required for Refund Documents"
  • Get a status confirmation email within 20 working days of uploading and emailing all supporting documents as per the checklist to

Important Refund Update

Due to Covid-19 and the impact of the lockdown, we will unfortunately not be able to meet the 20 calendar turnaround time, and hence there will be a delay in your refund request. We are working tirelessly to resolve this issue and regret any inconvenience this delay may have caused.