• Technological innovations and solutions have been pivotal to the global economic growth. From the steam engine, to aircrafts, to handheld devices and now self-driving cars; these pioneering technological solutions have created opportunities for growth, by offering a customised solution to a problem the world was facing. One such problem that the world is facing currently is the COVID-19 pandemic, which has forced consumers into a digital-only experience with brands.

      The current situation has placed an unprecedented strain on the customer-facing networks of most companies that have been dealing with a rising influx of customer queries with limited resources, to proportionately scale up their servicing capacities and quality.

      Taking these developments into consideration and also being mindful of the changing requirements in future, VFS Global, the world's largest visa outsourcing and technology services specialist for governments and diplomatic missions worldwide, is making sure to leverage technology to maintain pace with evolving customer demands and ensuring that their end-to-end travel experience is seamless and convenient. And, ViVA, the first chatbot in the visa services space, is a step in that direction.

      Available only for select locations and governments, this sophisticated, custom-created chatbot offering voice-enabled interactions and multi-lingual capabilities, enables travellers to resolve their visa application queries round-the-clock.

      The chatbot is intuitive and assists customers right from booking their visa appointments to helping them with visa categories, application regulations and payment procedures. ViVA also registers customer feedback helping VFS Global to analyse the output and enhance the quality of the services further.

      Connect with ViVA for:

      • Assistance after operational hours/ On weekends
      • Appointment scheduling
      • Fees and payment procedures
      • Queries related to supporting documents and form filling
      • Application status tracking and updates
      • Providing service feedback

      Talk to ViVA in 3 simple steps:

      • Visit the Visas, eVisas & Permits section on our website: www.vfsglobal.com
      • Select the country you are applying from and for which you want a visa
      • Once directed to the country-specific page, click the ViVA icon to get chatting!

      The COVID-19 pandemic has acted as an accelerator for the uptake of chatbot technology. Even after the pandemic abates, the demands and use-cases for chatbots will continue to grow in the interest of improving resource, cost, and time efficiency for companies, and to strengthen and smoothen the customer experience.