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When an e-resident's digi-ID card arrives at the Estonia e-Residency Collection Centre in San Francisco after the application for e-Residency is processed successfully, the e-resident will be notified via email. Scheduling an appointment is mandatory, hence please book an appointment online.

Please remember to bring your travel document (passport) for verification of your identity when you visit the centre.

For e-residents’ convenience, collecting the digi-ID card on Saturday morning with an additional fee of $85 in addition to the basic service charge. Or you have an option to visit the application center between 07:00 TO 09:00 OR 16:00 TO 19:00 to enroll biometrics and collect e-residency card. To avail this service, please write an email to and visit post receipt of appointment confirmation.. Please visit 'Service fees' page for the fee information.

Please email to with the format below;

  • E-mail subject: Weekend or Prime time Appointment
  • E-mail body: Name in English, Preferable date of visit and Contact number

Note: Please send us the email request at least 2 days in advance from the preferable date of visit and visit the centre only after you receive a confirmation email for your request.