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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which regions fall within the jurisdiction of the Embassy of Finland in Algiers?

    Jurisdiction of the Embassy of Finland in Algiers is Algeria. The Finland Visa Application Centre in Algiers accepts Schengen visa applications from legal residents of Algeria only (Algerian citizens, Algerian registration certificate /residential permit /long stay visa holders).

  • Who can submit my visa application?

    Applicants have to come to the Visa Application Centre in person. Applications cannot be sent by mail, fax or email either. Applications can be submitted three months before the planned trip.

  • Do I need to book an appointment to submit my application?

    It is not compulsory to have an appointment, but we recommend it strongly to be served in decent time limits. Appointment is compulsory if you wish to submit in the Embassy of Finland. Appointments are scheduled through this website or helpline.

  • Where and when can the visa and service fees be paid?

    Service and Visa Fees are paid in cash or with credit/debit card in Algerian Dinar right after submitting the documents at the Visa Application Centre.

  • Do I have to use an application form filled online or may I submit a paper form as before?

    You can use a paper application form as well, but we recommend using an application form filled online whenever possible. This will facilitate and speed up application handling process at the Embassy. Applicants can also avail Form Filling Service at Visa Application Centre for a nominal additional charge.

  • Do I need a traveler's insurance for a trip to Finland?

    Yes. One of the required documents for visa application is a traveler's insurance. Insurance has to cover the whole period and days of the visa. In case the applicant is a family member of a Finnish or EU/EEA citizen, he or she does not need to present a traveler’s insurance. However, the Embassy advises every applicant to have insurance when they travel to Finland.

  • Is it possible to complete a visa application with additional documents after its submission?

    No. To apply for a Schengen visa to Finland the applicant must provide a complete set of required documents at the Visa Application Centre. Additional documents are accepted only if requested by the Embassy.

  • I read that every applicant needs to give fingerprints during submission, what does that mean and why?

    All applicants, applying for a Schengen visa, must submit biometric data - ten fingerprints and a photo. The biometric data will be stored in the Visa Information System (VIS), which is an IT-system that allows Schengen States to exchange visa data.

    This does not apply to children under the age of 12 or people who physically cannot provide finger scans.

  • How do I know when my visa is ready?

    After you have submitted your application you can track your application at our website or you can contact our Helpline .

    If you have ordered courier service for your passport during submission, your passport will be delivered to your address after Embassy has processed you visa application.

  • If an applicant wants to apply for a visa in order to marry in Finland, is there a separate visa for this purpose?

    The true purpose of travel, in this case marriage, must always be mentioned in the visa application. A so called marriage visa does not exist.

  • Does the day of arrival in Finland count as one of the days of stay to which the visa entitles (duration of the visit)?

    The date of arrival in Finland and the date of leaving Finland are included in the duration of the visit. When a person arrives in Finland via another Schengen country, the stay in Finland is considered to start from the date of arrival in the Schengen area.

  • What information should I check in the passport after receiving it back?

    Each applicant should immediately verify the data represented in the issued visa: the first and last name, the photo, the period of validity, the number of entries and days. In case you notice a mistake you need to contact the Embassy of Finland in Algiers.

    See more questions about visas at the Embassy's website.