Business Visa


All visa applicants for Greece are advised to visit the Joint Visa application centre in Beirut, Lebanon to submit their applications, together with all necessary documents. Please note that visas are issued only to residents of the Lebanon

It is advisable to prepare all your required documents corresponding to your travel dates, to avoid delay in the application process.

Please note that the Embassy of Greece, Beirut, Lebanon issues visas only for residents in its territory of operation – Lebanon

Applicants will have to provide evidence that he/she falls under this category.

Visa Fees

Charge Type Amount Remarks
Visa Fees 80 € For each application
Russian, Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova Nationals for short stay 35 € For each application
Children below 6 years Gratis – No Charge For each application
Children between 6 and 12 Gratis – No Charge For each application
Service Fees 20 € For each application

All payments will be collected in local currency (cash only) as per the local exchange rate.

  • Exemption of visa fee is in the below cases;

    • In the case of children below 12 years of age in the short term category.
    • School pupils, students, postgraduate students and accompanying teachers who undertake stays for the purpose of study or educational training
    • Researchers travelling for the purpose of carrying out scientific research representatives of non-profit organizations aged 25 years or less participating in seminars, conferences, sports, cultural or educational events organized by non-profit organizations.
  • The applicable visa fee in Euro is as per the current exchange rate. It is subject to change without notice.
  • The visa fee is non-refundable

Documents Required


For Persons applying for Business Visa (stay not more than 90 days)

  Check List For A Visa

Photo Specifications

Applicants are requested to submit their application form with the new photo format, as explained below:


The photo must fulfill the norm specified by the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization).

  • Use plain light-coloured background.
  • The photo must be no more than 6-months old.
  • Not tilted picture (portrait style) showing both edges of face clearly.
  • Close up of the head and top of the shoulders so that the face takes up 70–80% of the photograph.
  • Photo in sharp focus and clear.

Photo Size

The photo for each visa applicant must measure:

  • The picture dimensions must be 240 pixels wide by 320 pixels high at least. A smaller picture will be rejected. For instance, a photo being 235 pixels by 320 pixels is not valid.
  • On the other hand, the photo should keep a proportion of 3 x 4 (width x height) within limits. However, 250 x 340 pixels picture would be valid, but not a 290 x 340 pixels one.
  • Finally, the image weight (size in Kbytes) can never be bigger than 120 Kbytes.


  • An image resolution is measured in DPI (dots per inch) and it's mainly used to control printing quality. Therefore, higher resolution means better printing quality.
  • Photos resolution should be 300 dpi, so, when you scan the image, check this parameter carefully. However, bear in mind that the higher the resolution, the bigger the picture.


  • The only image format accepted is JPEG (Join Photograph Expert Grup Format). The other image formats such as BMP, TIFF, GIF, PNG, etc. will be rejected (a warning will be shown).

Attaching the Photo to the Application form

  • Glue one photograph to the application form in the designated space.

Please follow these instructions carefully. If the photograph presented do not meet these requirements your application will be considered incomplete

Processing Time

The processing at the Embassy of Greece normally takes a maximum of 15 days.

Download Form

Please take a printout of the Visa application Form. You are required to fill in all details of the applicant in a legible handwriting and submit it along with the required documents to the Visa Application Center.

You can refer to the contact us page from the address and the location map. Also, refer to the documents required page for the required documents to be submitted along with the application form.

  Schengen visa application form.

To Download a Form:

  1. Click on the form link
  2. When the form opens, save the form on your computer.


  1. Press the right button on your mouse on the required link.
  2. Select Save Target As from the list
  3. Save the form on your computer.