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By Post

By post, you can:

Submit an application for Indian passport and consular services or OCI
N.B. You will be required to come at a later date to submit biometrics for OCI (once our offices are open to the public)

Submit a visa application CURRENTLY SUSPENDED

Warning: All incomplete applications, or applications accompanied by an incorrect or insufficient payment will not be accepted and will be returned to applicants at their own cost. The service charge will also be collected for such cases.

Your application should be sent to the following address:

VFS Global
16 Boulevard du General Leclerc
92110 Clichy, 6th Floor

Sending an application in 4 simple steps

Step 1: Fill in your application online (according to the service), print it and sign it. Print and sign the Declaration Form. Attach all relevant documents required to your application form according to the category of application.

Step 2: Print and fill up the checklist for postal application:

Checklist for a postal application – Indian services

Checklist for a postal application – visa service

Step 3: Click here to create and print your shipping label to send your application to us.

Step 4: Attach your shipping label to your envelope and drop your application at the local post office

To have your passport sent back to you

Please subscribe, for each passport, to our “Delivery Service” whereby we will make the arrangement to send your passport using a secure courier delivery company as soon as we receive it from the Embassy of India. For security and insurance reasons, it would not be possible for us to return your passport or documents in ordinary post or using pre-paid envelopes.

In case the mode of collection changes (exceptional circumstances only) please note that no refunds will be given and we cannot make any guarantees to satisfy your request.

If you had not selected the delivery service at the time of applying and your passport is ready for collection, please click here to arrange the shipment of your passport/documents back to your preferred address. Please ensure to mention your application reference number when filling your details.

Accepted payment modes:

Certified cheque payable to “VF Services (UK) Limited”

Secure payment over the phone

Please note: Payments by cash, personal cheque, company cheques are not accepted. If you wish, one payment can be enclosed where your postal package contains multiple applications.

Important: Applications sent in by post take longer to process than applications submitted at the counter in Paris. In the case of imminent travel, it is recommended to submit your application at the counter in Paris. You should add a minimum of 7 working days (excluding delivery delays) to the minimum times mentioned on our processing times pages (as per service requested).