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In Paris

The India Consular Passport and Visa Application Centre in Paris (ICPVAC) enables you to:

  • Submit an application INDIAN SERVICES BY POST
  • Submit an emergency visa application CURRENTLY SUSPENDED
  • Return your passport/documents to you by secure courier service
  • Obtain specific information about your case BY EMAIL ONLY
  • Take your photos as per the Indian Government’s norms CURRENTLY SUSPENDED


India Consular Passport and Visa Application Centre (ICPVAC)
VFS Global
16 Boulevard du General Leclerc

92110 Clichy, 6th Floor

Interphone: VFS Global

Métro: Marie de Clichy, Porte de Clichy (Line 13)
RER: Porte de Clichy, Saint-Ouen (Line C)
Tram : Epinettes – Pouchet (Line 3b)
Bus: General Leclerc - Victor Hugo (Line 66 and 173)


Timings and days of opening:

The ICPVAC in Paris is open Monday to Friday. It is closed on French and Indian Consular Holidays (see list).

Submission (Visas, Passports, OCI, Consular Services) 09:00 to 12:00 (note that the last token will be given by 12:00) VERY LIMITED SERVICE FOR URGENT INDIAN SERVICES BY APPOINTMENT ONLY
Submission (Emergency Visa Application) 09:00 to 11:00 (note that the last token will be given by 10:30) CURRENTLY SUSPENDED

Please note that no tokens for submission will be given after 12:00. On certain occasions during the high season, you may experience a waiting time that goes beyond our usual opening timings.

Emergency Visa

  1. The Embassy of India will accept visa applications for urgent processing in an emergency situation on request from French nationals with effect from 23 February 2015. However, this facility will not be available to French nationals holding dual nationality, third country nationals or persons of Pakistani origin.
  2. Applications for issue of emergency visa can be deposited like other visa application at M/s. VFS, 16 Boulevard du General Leclerc, 92110, Clichy 6th Floor on any working day between 09:00 - 11:00 and the passports with visas can be collected on the next working day from M/s. VFS between 14:30 to 16:00. In case of applications deposited on Fridays, the passports with visas will be available for collection on the next working day i.e. Monday. This facility is not available for applications deposited at Visa Application Centres at Bordeaux, Marseilles, Strasbourg and Lyon. Applications sent by post will also not be processed under this facility.
  3. Emergency visas will be issued only for applicants who are travelling to India within seven days from the date of submission of application at M/s VFS. A confirmed flight ticket will need to be provided along with the application, as also a letter explaining the nature of emergency situation and a documentary evidence to justify the emergency.
  4. An additional visa fees of Euro 53.00 will be charged by the Mission and additional service charge of Euro 7.00 will be levied by M/s. VFS for each emergency visa application.
  5. The Embassy of India reserves the right to refuse urgent processing of visa applications in case of unjustified claims of emergency. Such applications will then be processed as usual non-emergency visa applications. In case the emergency visa is declined, the additional visa fee levied will not be reimbursed.
  6. The following emergency situation will be eligible for issue of emergency visas.

    1. Tourist Visa – Emergencies arising out of illness/death, marriage of relatives and any unforeseen circumstances which require emergency travel to India.
    2. Business Visa – Unavoidable/urgent business visit/meetings in India.
    3. Journalist Visa – For coverage of previously unscheduled events/developments.
    4. Conference Visa – For attending conferences in India in cases where invitation for participation is received late.
    5. Entry Visa – For Persons of Indian Origin needing to travel to India in emergencies arising out of death, illness, marriage or any unforeseen circumstance which require emergency travel to India.
  7. The emergency visa facility will not be available to the applicants for Employment Visa, Student Visa and other visa categories not specified above.
Emergency Visa

List of additional documents required

In addition to documents indicated in the checklist available at website for Tourist, Business, Conference, Entry and Journalist visas, the following additional documents will also be required to be submitted along with the visa applications for issue of ‘emergency’ visas:

  1. A note or letter from the applicant (written in English) requesting urgent processing of his/her visa application and explaining the nature of emergency, which requires urgent travel within 7 days of the date of submission of application.
  2. A document/message/letter to justify and to provide evidence of the emergency situation.
  3. A confirmed ticket for travel within 7 days of the date of application.

Accepted payment modes:

  • Cash
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Certified cheque payable to « VF Services (UK) Limited »

Please note: Personal cheques, company cheques and the American Express card are not accepted.